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Question 1

A student standing on a stationary skateboard tosses a textbook with a mass ofmb=1.55kg to a friend standing in front of him. The student and the skateboard have a combined mass ofmc=99kg and the book leaves his hand at a velocity ofvb=2.5m/s at an angle of39° with respect to the horizontal.

Randomized Variables

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mb = 1.55kg

mc = 99kg

vb = 2.5m/s


Part (a)Write an expression for the magnitude of the velocity of the student,vs, after throwing the book.

Part (b)Calculate the magnitude of the velocity of the student, vs, in meters per second?

Part (c)What is the magnitude of the momentum, pe, which was transferred from the skateboard to the Earth during the time the book is being thrown (in kilogram meters per second)?

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