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Unit V Assessment

Question 1

Heidi Cody’s American Alphabet is a set of light boxes that feature the isolated first letters of American:

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Question 2

Although color photographic film was available to artists in the early 20th century, many preferred black-and-white film because it was less expensive and less susceptible to technical problems and because color prints:

Question 3

Who made photographs of national parks to increase public awareness of the beauty of nature?

Question 4

A 2009 building in Japan broke new ground by integrating into its façade a:

Question 5

Margaret Bourke-White’s Louisville Flood Victims is an iconic image of:

Question 6

Match the question or statement on the left with the corresponding word or phrase on the right.

The art and technique of composing printed material from letterforms.

Letters made from thick and thin strokes ending in short pointed lines.

Early posters were hand drawn using this process.

A concise visual announcement that provides information through typography and pictures.

The creator of the first photographic image.

The forerunner of the modern camera.

In 1890, Jacob Riis published his photographs of the squalid living conditions of the poor in the Lower East Side of New York for this purpose.

The lens in this camera focuses information onto an array of sensors that translate the hue and intensity of light into digital files.

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