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Question 1 

In her job as a flight attendant, Courtney must be on her feet for long periods of time, lift baggage and push food carts, and spend a lot of time in crowded, poorly ventilated, noisy jets. Courtney experiences high levels of ____ demands on her job.

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Question 2 

Which of the following can actually reduce experienced stress?


External locus of control


Type A personality


Sleep disruption


Clearly defined work demands



Question 3 

A ChemFirst Inc. chemical processing plant in Pascagoula, Mississippi, experienced an explosion. ChemFirst sent a team of employees from their headquarters unit to study the situation and make recommendations for improvements in plant design. These employees are


safety engineers.


operating workers.


top managers.


OSHA inspectors.


outside consultants.

Question 4 

The stressors associated with getting along with coworkers would likely be referred to as


TQM demands.


enrichment demands.


physical demands.


task demands.


interpersonal demands.

Question 5 

____ are individuals who carefully examine the safety elements of the workplace and advance solutions to safety problems.


Safety engineers


TQM experts


Quality control specialists


Environmental impact experts


Process engineers

Question 6 

In 2002, a Cargill employee accidentally died on the job. If OSHA finds that Cargill is guilty of a major violation of safety regulations, then Cargill may


have to compensate the employee’s   surviving family members.


be forced into bankruptcy.


be fined up to $10,000 per violation.


have to issue a public apology.


be fined up to $1,000,000 per   violation.

Question 7 

A construction company has determined that some of its organizational practices can cause serious health hazards to its employees. Besides changing some of these practices, the company needs to


cover up this information.


benchmark other companies.


report these problems to OSHA.


implement sensitivity training.


advance an ethics code.

Question 8 

Workers who were employed in factories that made insulation containing asbestos breathed in tiny particles of the material, causing a very serious occupational illness. Asbestos particles in the air constitute


defective equipment.


a safety hazard.


a health hazard.


a personal action.


poor ventilation.

Question 9 

The conditions on the job that can harm employees are called


safety hazards.


health hazards.


interpersonal hazards.


motivation factors.


hygiene factors.

Question 10 

When Guy uses cancer-causing chemical solvents to clean machinery at his auto body and paint shop, he wears thick rubber gloves, rubber boots, and a breathing mask. Guy is


avoiding occupational disease.


controlling safety hazards.


obeying OSHA regulations.


reducing his health insurance costs.


being overly cautious.

Question 11 

Which of the following is a difference between health hazards and safety hazards?


Safety hazards cause more serious   injuries than health hazards.


Health hazards cause more serious   injuries than safety hazards.


Safety hazards have a more cumulative   effect than health hazards.


Health hazards work more slowly and   systematically than safety hazards.


Health hazards can be eliminated;   safety hazards cannot be eliminated.

Question 12 

Redesigning the workplace to be less stressful would be considered a(n) ____ program.




collateral stress




quality approach


paired sample

Question 13 

Which of the following individual traits would likely improve a person’s response to stress?


Type A personality


Type B personality


Low self esteem


Low hardiness


All of these

Question 14 

U.S. Marines that are deployed bring with them a medical unit that includes specialists in managing and controlling the effects of stress. This is an example of a(n)


occupational disease prevention   program.


collateral stress program.


physical fitness program.


accident prevention program.


institutional program.

Question 15 

____ indicate to people when they should eat and sleep.


Circadian rhythms


Hyper processes


Psycho-dynamic processes


Behavioral patterns

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