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Question 1 

A ____ method of performance appraisal involves directly assessing each employee next to other employees.

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paired comparison








graphic rating scale

Question 2 

Andy, a regional manager for an office supply retail company, must formally evaluate each one of his immediate employees every year. This process is known as




feedback interview.


360-degree feedback.


discipline documentation.


performance appraisal.

Question 3 

Which career stage may involves individuals’ analysis of their own competences and skills.




Individual assessment







Question 4 

The type of error that involves giving low ratings to all employees by using unrealistically high standards is called:


central tendency


halo error


horns error





Question 5 

Which of the following was NOT given as a reason for the importance of performance appraisal?


It helps managers assess the quality   of their recruitment and selection activities.


It provides documentation that an   organization’s promotion and reward allocation activities are   nondiscriminatory.


It plays a large role in allocation   of profit-sharing rewards to employees.


It provides useful input into an   organization’s human resource planning process.


It provides feedback to employees,   which may enhance their motivation and development.

Question 6 

At Lorenzo’s workplace, the performance appraisal process includes measurements of organizational citizenship behaviors, such as volunteering for unpleasant tasks and helping new employees socialize into the work team. Lorenzo’s employer is


enforcing job requirements.


using inappropriate information.


committing a halo error.


relying on a ranking method.


rating contextual performance.

Question 7 

Which career stage may involve individuals’ viewing work as less important and nonwork activities as more important?











Question 8 

All of the following would place limitations on the effectiveness of career planning EXCEPT


individuals may find new   opportunities outside the employing organization at unexpected times.


the organization has little   flexibility in altering the career paths it predicts for its employees over   time.


the organization’s human resource   needs can change over time.


unanticipated mergers and   acquisitions can change career opportunities.


people can experience changes in   interests or priorities.

Question 9 

The role of the rater in the performance appraisal process includes all of the following EXCEPT


helping to develop clear performance   standards.


collecting information about employee   performance behaviors.


learning organizational performance   standards.


requiring the ratee to gain an   understanding of how his or her behavior affects performance.


preparing the employee to work at   desired levels.

Question 10 

The following item appears on a student evaluation form, to assess a student’s preparation outside of class. What type of performance appraisal is represented by this example?
1 =    Often unprepared when called on. Frequent late assignments.
2 =    Sometimes unprepared when called on. Hands in 2-3 assignments late.
3 =    Unprepared on occasion, but not often. Hands in 2 or fewer late assignments.
4 =    Usually well-prepared when called on, but may be unprepared on 1-2 occasions. All assignments handed in on time.
5 =    Always prepared when called on. Hands in every assignment early or on time.


Management by Objective (MBO)


Critical incident


Simple ranking


Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales   (BA RS)


360-degree feedback

Question 11 

Which of the following factors could impact a supervisor’s motivation, rather than ability, to provide a meaningful performance appraisal?


Inadequate job knowledge


Favoritism toward specific workers


Inadequate opportunity to observe   employee performance


Changing technology, which may impact   the supervisor’s understanding of job tasks the employee is required to   perform


The supervisor’s being promoted from   a different functional area of the organization

Question 12 

____ are the most frequently utilized source of information in the appraisal process.










Upper managers

Question 13 

What is the final step in the career planning process?


Individual assessment


Career counseling







Question 14 

Supervisor Katy is establishing a list of the best to worst performers in the department. Which performance appraisal method is Katy utilizing?


Paired comparison


Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales   (BARS)


Behavioral Observation Scale (BOS)


Forced distribution


Simple ranking

Question 15 

Which of the following is NOT a true statement regarding the individual perspectives on careers?


Individuals who closely monitor their   careers understand the reasons for success and failure.


An individual’s perception of work   success or failure has an important impact on his or her self image.


Individuals can rely on their   employer to manage their careers.


Individuals who take responsibility   for their careers are prepared to deal with career setbacks.


Individuals directly experience the   impact of career events.

Question 16 

The first major union to have a significant impact in the United States was called the


American Federation of Labor.


Knights of Labor.


Congress of Industrial Organizations.


Captains of Workers.


Labor Club Organization.

Question 17 

The Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959 requires national labor unions to elect new leaders every ____ years.











Question 18 

Which of the following acts required labor unions to bargain with management in good faith?


Taft-Hartley Act


Wagner Act


Landrum-Griffin Act


Sherman Act


Union Shop Act

Question 19 

Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons that labor unions oppose the use of prison labor?


It is very easy to deny prisoners the   right to form a union.


Prison labor displaces low-wage   workers in the economy.


Prison labor does little to prepare   prisoners for re-entry into the workforce following their release.


Prisoners are exploited because their   wages are so low.


There are more prisoners today, so   more work is done though prison labor.

Question 20 

Which of the following issues are receiving more attention from unions in recent years?


Wages and hours


Health benefits


Pension benefits and job security


Union membership


New labor legislation

Question 21 

One difference between mediation and arbitration is that


arbitration occurs in a court of law;   mediation does not.


arbitration is compulsory; mediation   is not.


the recommendation of the arbitrator   is binding; the recommendation of the mediator is not.


mediation is compulsory; arbitration   is not.


the recommendation of the mediator is   binding; the recommendation of the arbitrator is not.

Question 22 

Overall, union membership since 1955 has been


holding steady.


increasing greatly.






decreasing at an alarming rate.

Question 23 

One of the biggest challenges that increased technology presents to unions is that


younger workers are at a disadvantage.


telecommuting is increasing.


work can be performed with fewer   employees.


disabled workers need reasonable   accommodations.


employees need training.

Question 24 

Which of the following is NOT a mandatory subject of collective bargaining?




No-strike clauses


Pension benefits


Health benefits


Working hours

Question 25 

The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 outlawed


union membership.


collective bargaining.


union shops.


union stewards.


union negotiations of working   conditions.

Question 26 

Which of the following is the term given to items such as wages, working hours, and benefits?


Mandatory items


Permissive items


Negotiated items


Price-point items


Strike items

Question 27 

Which of the following acts required management to bargain with labor unions in good faith?


Taft-Hartley Act


Wagner Act


Landrum-Griffin Act


Sherman Act


Union Shop Act

Question 28 

The earliest unions to be developed in the United States represented specific types of workers and were known as


professional networks.


job societies.


worker permit groups.


trade associations.


craft unions.

Question 29 

____ is the process by which managers and union representatives negotiate the terms and conditions of employment.




Total quality management


Negotiated contracting


Management by objectives


Collective bargaining

Question 30 

In negotiating a labor agreement, the union has decided that a pay raise of $1 per hour for every employee is the minimum they will accept. If they are offered less than that, they will strike. This amount is called the


union resistance point.


management resistance point.


union target point.


management target point.



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