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Descriptive Essay about a Person

A descriptive essay reveals the meaning of a subject through detailed, sensory observation. Sensory details are details of smell, taste, texture, and sound as well as sight.

My essay thesis is the personality of James( by explaining his caring, emotional, strong, and funny nature). My essay is organized around this central theme.

A Description of My Brother James


James is my elder brother who is three years older than me. We have stayed together since we were born and therefore I know him inside and out, including his behavior, personality, and traits. We are more than just family and treat each other as friends. As such, we confide in each other and I therefore know all his secrets and how he handles various situations. On the same note, I can explain to one the exact image or appearance of James because his physical appearance or image is stuck in my mind, having lived together with him for about two decades now. One thing I know generally is that my brother is caring and has on various occasions relied on his gigantic body structure to defend me and other members of the family if necessary. In this paper, I describe the personality of James by explaining his caring, emotional, strong, and funny nature.

Though always calm and collected, James can occasionally get worked up and make use of his physical strength to square it out with anyone, including those who are older than him. His body is so well built that whenever he passes around, one would be forgiven for thinking that it is the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger making his strolls. We once ran into two older boys bullying a considerably younger boy in a playfield. Upon trying to stop them, the boys tried extending the bullying to us. Taking advantage of his tall self, James grabbed both the boys with his muscular hands before bringing them under his feet. His always smiley broad face was immediately covered with rage as he trampled upon the boys using his athletic feet. I am sure the bullies swore never again to challenge somebody who has the chest of a rugby player to a physical duel. Needless to say, I never cross James’s path lest he use his physical strength on me.

As I have mentioned, James is very caring, especially for family members. He would go to any length to ensure that someone in a problem is helped in the most appropriate and possible manner. When we lost our father some year back, James was still in college. Seeing the difficult financial situation the unfortunate incidence had left us in, he decided to find some work in order to help the family. He would juggle between college and work on a daily basis. He would tell me, “Young man, you have to be strong; these things happen!”, as he showed a positive attitude and ensured that we never lacked anything in the name of family daily provision. Even with this level of commitments, James could still afford to go to the gym (our homemade family gymnasium) at least twice a week as he believes in staying physically fit.

James has however made me to know and appreciate that physical strength does not translate to emotional strength. My brother responds so extremely emotionally to stressful and delightful situations that it takes him quite some time to recover to his normal self. When my father died, I had to comfort James because he could not just handle it. His ever bright face was reduced to gloom. He could not keep his promise to me of never shading tears under whatever circumstance as tears rolled down his cheeks uncontrollably. His gigantic, strong, and always agile figure shrank to feebleness as he sat at a corner in our house. When one time, however, James realized he had topped his class in a course, he ran home and went straight to the gym after breaking the news to me. The young lad did seventy five press-ups without stopping as if he was preparing for a boxing fight with Floyd Mayweather!

Furthermore, James can be very funny at times. My mother had once thought of selling our house and actually shared the thought with us. We were opposed to the idea and James went even further to express his opposition. He told mother that whoever would come to purchase our house would feel his strength. He lifted our wooden table high in the air and told mother, “You see mum, this is how I would lift that person and then throw them on the ground!” His muscles were protruding and he hoped that mother would see the seriousness and not let anybody come and face him. He went on to tell mother that even if a buyer were to come, he would tie himself to the door of the house and remain their forever. My mother laughed her heart out and never again considered selling the house. When James decides to be funny, one can laugh to stitches.


I could never call for a better sibling because James has just proved he is the best brother one could wish for. I hope that God grants us long life so that we may continue living together as brothers. He uses his physical strength to defend me and our family. His caring nature is an assurance to me that our family will never lack as long as he lives. Though emotional, he knows extreme situations exist in life and that one has to deal with them and continue with life. His funny nature lights up our family even in times of difficulties, such as economic difficulties. All he needs from us is support during emotional times because that is the only area he may not effectively handle.

My descriptive essay about a person, in this case, my brother James constituted of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion.


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