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Find your beach.  By finding your beach, I mean, imagine the ideal beach for you.  Or, perhaps, you have found your beach already and it exists in a real time-space continuum.  Maybe it does not and it is imaginary, fugitive and hallucinatory.

What would it look like topographically, socially, culturally?  Aleenta Phucket Resort and Spa, 1 Hotel ….. (just to give you a sense of what I’m trying to aim for)

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*To just give you an idea or an imagination of how I’d like to design my beach. I’m imagining it being an island of modern beach houses with panoramic ocean views. Tanning booths/lounges in the water. Water activities. Beautiful weather not humid but sunny. Designed by Chad Oppenheim (exterior), Meyer Davis Studio (interior) and Enzo Enea (landscape). Calm and light colors. Hi-Tech beach houses. The water temperature is perfect not cold not hot. The water is very settle (calm atmosphere). Outdoor yoga classes. Ethnicity and language isn’t a concern nor important. Achieving the architecture/design and the atmosphere is the main focus.

I think you can exaggerate or continue from that

Would you want to live there or only visit? Live there for the entire summer

Write an essay of 5 double-spaced pages which achieves two goals:

  1. Discuss what your ideal beach might look like.  What would your ideal beach look like?  What elements would it include? Consider things such as the physical environment, the social atmosphere, the socio-cultural composition, availability of services, population (or absence thereof), quality of the water or surf, location, climate, political composition, language, ethnicity, or any other quality you might consider important. Answered on top

Some ideas for THEME.  This is a suggestive list.

  • Design your ideal beach.  This beach might draw on elements of existing beaches or be entirely fictional.

Essay about the Beach

Diamond beach is what most people would call “a little paradise or a piece of heaven on earth.” The spectacular, flawless white beach stretches with no limit for the eye as it goes across the ocean so amazingly. Just by gazing at the endless sands, as the sun’s rays rest on the waters freshly emerging from their resting place, anyone would be astounded by the beauty of nature. The clouds timidly exposed as the sky beams blue making it obvious that this would be a beautiful day. It is not hard to hear the ocean whisper its promises for the day due to the serenity of diamond, as the graceful sounds of songbirds light up the morning mood. The reigning feeling is that of a soothing calmness that makes life difficult for an iota of gloom. Nature seems to be passing across the message that a great day filled with happiness and devoid of mishaps should be expected.

The smell of fresh air taking you away from all the hustles and bustles of a polluted environment in an ordinary day is nothing you would want to miss. In a world where air pollution has become so rampant, I believe allowing everyone to experience the fresh breeze would be a great lesson for conserving our ecosystem. The freshness and tranquility of the atmosphere at Diamond beach defines a habitable ecosystem that every living thing deserves to experience. Being at this beach makes you appreciate that this world is truly a beautiful place. You forget all your worries as your mind sinks into the serenity making you want to live forever. It is one place that reminds us to appreciate life and conserves the beauty of nature. It directly talks to us to acknowledge that life does not have to be first-paced all the time. It makes the importance of taking time off to real and unwind become so real and necessary.

Diamond beach is a rare and precious place to be. I know millions of beaches exist globally, but none is like the diamond beach. The light kisses from the coastal breeze, the smell freshness, the purity of the sand, and the crimson beauty of water is out of this world. Regardless of whichever angle you may view the beach from, you will not miss noticing the splendor of this natural feature. Every step in the beach leaves fine-grained sand shifting as if paving the way for the next step you take. With every motion forward, you feel like you are walking on freshly fallen snow. The only difference is that the crystalline white blanket bequeathed by the winter normally is cold but on the beach, it is warm thanks to the sun rays.

During the day, you cannot fail to notice a change in the cute sand particles as they form a golden reflection from the sun. It appears as if the sun rays are trapped inside the unmelting sand crystals forming the beautiful yellow golden color. Interestingly, upon picking the sand gravels, they rest on your palm like diamond crystals illuminating a white color between your fingers. Despite the midday heat, being at the beach at this time is an opportunity to witness its brightness entirely. The fact that it is conserved as a private beach adds to its numerous advantages and lessens congestion giving everyone a chance to connect with nature undisturbed. It is almost impossible not to notice the ocean at this point of the day. It waves curl up and down, rolling in white tipped shapes, spreading like fine silky laces over the beach. The way they softly crash on the beach or violently splash their waters overboard is simply stunning. The gentle sound that emanates from their contact with the beach makes the feeling even more fulfilling.

If the ocean were a person, I would describe it in many ways. It would be at one point introverted, calm, still, graceful but at another point extroverted, throwing waves aggressively, outgoing and interactive. The behavior of the ocean cannot be described as noisy despite all the commotion that appears to be going on. Only slight wave sounds that a keen soul would hear. I think the ocean has many secrets it would share with people if it could talk. For me, its silent sounds take me back to a time of reflecting and appreciating life. They give new meaning to life. With every turn of the wave that comes and goes, I remember we are all passing by in this world, and the best thing to do is appreciate what we have, before the next wave takes over. For a moment, I am lost in thoughts when a palm leaf drops on my silky dress and brings me back to reality.

It is almost impossible to go on discussing diamond without describing the splendid physical environment that surrounds the beach. The physical environment of the beach is superb. The first thing that I notice as I focus my attention on the beach is the relaxation mood. People from all age groups can be seen on beach seats with colorful costumes and fluffy towels. I guess they are just from enjoying a swim. On that note, I should not forget to state that lovers of swimming will enjoy being in Diamond. The water temperature is never hot or cold but perfect for a swim. Small adorable children in white costumes appear like angels creating sand castles as others run across to float kites on the cool breeze. The teens are frolicking with beach balls having a time of their lives as the young adults cuddle, hold hands, and share special moments while taking a walk along the shoreline.

A few meters away a particular group of people can be seen excluded for religious reasons. As I draw my focus to that group, I realize that they are having an outdoor yoga class. What a great place to connect with your internal senses and spirituality. Diamond is definitely the place to be for yoga especially during morning or evening hours. There is little interruption and the silence is just what you need. Upon inquiring from one of the yoga instructors, I am told that the classes have been going on for a while in the same spot. According to the instructor, people have found peace in their lives since they started visiting Diamond beach for yoga. If you love yoga, you have found a recreation and a spiritual connection site.

Diamond beach stands out in the Caribbean Island of modern beach houses giving the inhabitants a panoramic ocean view. The mastermind behind the exterior was Chad while Davis studio aided with the interior and Enzo the landscaping to give an elegant piece of artwork. The prowess and architectural expertise is incredible as everyone who walks to the beach never fails to notice the splendor. Attractive colors that allow calm and light are a perfect complement to the beach which is bright during the day. The Hi-tech beach houses which have been designed in the latest architectural designs are similar, all having balconies facing the sandy beach. From the balcony, you enjoy seeing the spectacular ocean view as lounges of water cover up the entire place. Those living or visiting Diamond enjoy beautiful weather which cannot be described as sunny or humid. It is just perfect.

Serving the visitors, tourists, and locals in the beach is the Diamond hotel. It’s shaped like a diamond and is an exquisite place to be if you plan to spend a few days on the beach and do not live nearby. They offer great room services and maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness with excellent customer care services. The rooms are ample and spacious with perfect temperatures and an excellent view of the beach. You get to enjoy free internet connection, music system, and laptops for use while you enjoy visiting the beach. The rates are cost-friendly as the hotel packages cater for people from all age groups. If you have toddlers, you should not worry as there are special cots and nurses to attend to children. If you have special needs, the staircase and special rooms have been modified to meet them. The reception, ambiance, and hospitality of the hotel will make you stay longer. Recreational activities are available with a fully-serviced gym for fitness, spa, massage, and beauty parlor to make you gorgeous as you go out. Besides the remarkable fitness and beauty services, there are spectacular mouthwatering and finger-licking delicacies to choose from. The food is freshly served upon placing an order while alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also in plenty. In general thus, visiting Diamond beach is a memorable and magnificent experience. Getting a chance to interact with the lovely, friendly Caribbean people and share in their rich dance culture could even make you want to change your nationality.

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