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how to write analytical essay
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How to Write an Analytical Essay

Are you searching for the accurate way to score a good grade in your analytical essay exams? Well, seek no more! Writing an analytical essay is not as difficult as it might seem at first. A simple task that calls for you to examine a particular film or text, interpret...
research paper abstract
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How to Write an Abstract for Research paper

Is your research paper giving you a headache? Here's how to write an abstract for a research paper! Writing an abstract for a research paper is quite an easy task. It is a summary of your article. In brief, it highlights your major points. This is a crucial part of...
persuasive essay
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Four-Step Process to Writing an Excellent Persuasive Essay

The ability to persuade, whether in speech or through writing, is an essential quality that you should strive to develop as a student. A persuasive essay focuses on convincing readers about a certain issue or idea, often something that you believe. Your persuasive essay should, therefore, be based on something...
descriptive essay
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4 Tips to Writing an Excellent Descriptive Essay

What does masters cum prolific writers like Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Stephen King have in common? If you read a lot, you will know that writers among others have mastered the technique of descriptive writing among other things. These writers are not only meticulous in details, but they...
critical analysis essay
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Quick Steps to Writing a Compelling Critical Analysis Essay

What is a Critical Analysis Essay? A critical essay is a common type of assignment which involves composing an analysis, evaluation, or interpretation of a text. In an academic setting, the critical essay audience expects you to make an argument concerning the particular text. Students often confuse a critical essay...
compare contrast essay
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A Guide to Writing an Awesome Compare and Contrast Essay

What are Compare and Contrast Essays? Compare and contrast essays, also called comparative essays are a popular form of academic writing. To compare means that you examine the similarity between two things while when you are asked to contrast, you have to show differences. Your compare and contrast essay might,...
how to write a summary paper
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How to Write a Summary Paper

4 Step Process to Writing a Summary Paper Students often find it challenging to compose various types of papers, especially when they do not have a proper guide to direct them on how to approach the matter. The following article will show you how you can easily and quickly write...
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