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Question 1 5 pts

(TCO 1) Which of the following most significantly accelerated the “values divide” between liberals and conservatives?

The election of Ronald Reagan

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The rise of the KKK

The Contract with America

The war on terror

The election of Barack Obama

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Question 2 5 pts

(TCO 1) What is the first exercise in democracy for students in the U.S.?

Playing sports

Studying the nation’s history

Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

Electing or becoming class officers

Speaking out against school policies that seem unfair

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Question 3 5 pts

(TCO 1) What is true about what it means to be a “good citizen”?

It is based largely on an individual’s moral fiber.

It is defined by adherence to basic human rights.

It refers exclusively to how law-abiding a person is.

It is defined by the state.

It is in the eyes of the beholder.

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Question 4 5 pts

(TCO 1) During the consolidation stage of totalitarian development, what do revolutionary leaders attempt to do?

Reach a consensus with rival factions and form a broad-based coalition.

Begin the immediate transformation of society.

Eliminate real or imagined rivals for power and place loyal associates in key posts.

Calm the public by ending the violence that marked the revolutionary stage.

Reinterpret the past and attribute any failures to a clearly identifiable enemy.

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Question 5 5 pts

(TCO 1) What government agency promotes and preserves media competition in the United States?

Federal Communication Commission

Department of Commerce

Federal Bureau of Inventions

Federal Television Commission

Justice Department?

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Question 6 5 pts

(TCO 1) Which term is used to describe the ability to get others to want what you want?

Political power


Hard power

Soft power


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Question 7 5 pts

(TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT one of the four fundamental political challenges facing developing countries?





Distribution of wealth, power, and property

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Question 8 5 pts

(TCO 2) Which of the following transitional states has the most powerful economy?



South Korea

Czech Republic


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Question 9 5 pts

(TCO 5) To join the European Union, what must a country prove?

That it is financially solvent

That it disavows terrorism

That it will contribute to a common defense

That it rejects communism

That it supports free elections?

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Question 10 5 pts

(TCO 5) What is the main difference between the U.S. and U.K. judicial systems?

The power of U.S. judges to uphold or strike down legislative or executive actions

The power of British judges to uphold or strike down Parliament’s decisions

The role of British judges to safeguard civil liberties

The focus in the U.S. on a common law system

None of these choices is correct.

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Question 11 5 pts

(TCO 5) What element of the Israeli and British parliamentary systems distinguishes them from most other parliamentary democracies?

A dual executive

The lack of a written constitution

A mixed regime

The existence of a loyal opposition

The enforcement of strict party discipline

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Question 12 5 pts

(TCO 3) What is the most important tool for interest groups seeking to change or influence public policy?

An educated public

A large membership

A strong sense of how the political process works


An elected official as an advocate

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Question 13 5 pts

(TCO 4) The Supreme Court would likely view all of these actions as violating the constitutional right to free speech EXCEPT

organizing a terror strike against our government.

burning a replica of the American flag.

asking for a list of names of all organizers and participants of an anti-government rally and then investigating them.

wiretaps of individuals without their knowledge and without a warrant.

Ku Klux Klan rally designed to start a riot against the minorities.

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Question 14 5 pts

(TCO 3) What did eighteenth-century British writer and legislator Edmund Burke believe?

That elected officials should act as trustees for their constituents

That while representatives must pay careful attention to public opinion, they must also maintain their independence of thought and action

That a natural aristocracy, made up of the best and brightest, should govern

That the trustee theory of representation worked

All of the above


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Question 15 5 pts

(TCO 3) According to the delegate theory of representation,

officials should act according to the views of the electorate.

focus groups are of little use.

politicians should let their conscience guide them in making decisions.

only the most intelligent members of society should serve in leadership roles.

opinion is only a barometer, to be used as the legislator sees fit.

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Question 16 5 pts

(TCO 4) Which statement about health care in the United States is FALSE?

Health care facilities in the U.S. are among the best in the world.

U.S. citizens spend more on medical expenses than people in other countries.

The federal government spends less on medical research than other modern nations.

The Affordable Care Act was upheld as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Federal government expenses for Medicare and Medicaid exceed those related to defense.

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Question 17 5 pts

(TCO 4) When can government outlaw religious practices?

If the religion is not approved beforehand

If the religion is too small

If the religion moves overseas

If the religion poses a threat to society

If the religion obscures or misinterprets the words of God

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Question 18 5 pts

(TCO 6) Which of the following is false?

Marx saw economics as the key to utopia.

Plato saw philosophy as the key to utopia.

Orwell saw politics as the key to utopia.

Bacon saw science as the key to utopia.

Skinner saw psychology as the key to utopia.

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Question 19 5 pts

(TCO 6) What did Marx believe would happen once private property was eliminated?

Proletariat upheaval

The beginning of revolution in the form of armed conflict

The emergence of a technologically-driven society

The end of social inequality

New models for human behavior

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Question 20 5 pts

(TCO 8) What do we call the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures?

Marshall Plan

Monroe Doctrine

Cold War Doctrine

Truman Doctrine

Chamberlain Plan


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Question 21 5 pts

(TCO 9) By definition, terrorism includes all of the following attributes EXCEPT

the use of threats and violence.

a desire for publicity.

a political motive.

a goal of shoring up existing regimes.

intimidation aimed at civilians.

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Question 22 5 pts

(TCO 9) What is a characteristic of most terrorist groups?

They exist for long periods of time.

They have large membership bases.

They operate locally.

They receive a great deal of publicity.

They are ethnically and politically diverse.

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Question 23 5 pts

(TCO 8) What term was used to describe America’s foreign policy towards Russia and Communism during the Cold War?

Structural rigidity

Balance of power

Military consensus


Marshall Plan


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Question 24 5 pts

(TCO 9) According to Lenin, why are capitalist countries imperialistic?

Capitalists want to conquer and subdue all workers.

They fear popular uprisings at home and want to maintain the status quo.

Colonial territories provide raw materials and foreign markets for produce.

Monopoly capitalists push their countries into war for the good of their inhabitants.

They worry that rebellions in smaller countries will reach their own shores.

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Question 25 5 pts

(TCO 9) State-sponsored terrorism is defined as terrorism that

occurs within a country by people who are not connected to the government.

is international in focus and helped by an established government.

involves groups from different countries cooperating with each other.

involves the governments, interests and people of more than one country.

is defined by a government’s use of its security forces to subdue or intimidate its own people.

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Question 26 5 pts

(TCO 8) Who argued that “a prudent ruler recognizes what must be done to protect and enlarge his dominions and does not allow moral qualms to cloud his judgment?”





Robert Kaplan

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Question 27 5 pts

(TCO 9) Many politicians partly blame ____for the rapid rise of terrorism.

the media

the availability of cheap weapons


President Bush

the increasing involvement of women

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Question 28 20 pts

(TCO 2) Develop a thesis on why it is hard for emerging nations to democratize.

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Question 29 20 pts

(TCO 8) In recent years, the UN has come under some scrutiny by the US. Discuss how the UN started and its functions in keep world peace.

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