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According to Professor Robinson’s lecture on Eighteenth Century architecture, Claude-Nicolas Ledoux produced visionary drawings for

agricultural production

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ideal cities

rural factories

all of the above

Question 9

At S. Andrea in Mantua, the buttressing necessary to resist the lateral thrust of the monumental barrel vault is provided by ____________.

flying buttresses

the chapel walls

internal ribbing

steel reinforcing rods

Question 10

As Renaissance gardens evolved toward the Baroque, they became

calmer, more relaxed places for contemplation

susceptible to vandalism, resulting in the closure of many city parks

more theatrical and dramatic, often incorporating water features, waterfalls and pools

the inspiration for several early American novels such as The Yemassee, Hobomok, A Family History, andThe Linwoods

Question 11

According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on the Renaissance, ________ is regarded as the first British architect to bring Italianate Renaissance architecture to England.

Gian Giorgio Trissino

Inigo Jones

Vincenzo Scamozzi

Andrea Palladio

Question 12

According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on the Renaissance, James Gibbs wrote A Book of Architecture, aninfluential ________ published in London in 1728.


sketchbook history book

pattern book

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