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Question 9 One of the most prominent ceremonial spaces in ancient Greek civilization was the simplerectangular space of the


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Question 10

Quiz 01: ARC1720: Survey of Architectural History, Summer B 20176/7

The image above is the ____________ .

Plan of te Great Temple of Amun

Plan of the Acropolis in Athens

Plan of the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Plan of the Akhetaten

Question 11The most distinctive architectural paradigm for the Hindu temple is

a garden sanctuary at the rear of the building

an elongated rectangular space flanked by ambulatory halls on each side

a large open plinth preceding a circular building

a square sanctuary housed underneath a curving roof

Question 12

Quiz 01: ARC1720: Survey of Architectural History, Summer B 20177/7

The exterior form of the Hindu temple is a symbol of

a vertical garden

the sacred mountain

growth and regeneration of life

the political power of the Buddha

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