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Question 1 The layouts of the Dogon villages in Mali are based upon

the reclining male figure

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the reclining female figure

the shape of a male antelope at rest

the shape of a female antelope at rest

Quiz 04: ARC1720: Survey Arch History, Spring 20172/8

Question 2

This Northwest Pit House was built so that it could ____________.

be easily accessed from underground

receive the warmth of the low angled winter sunlight but not the high summer sunlight

be hidden and protected from attacks

take advantage of the insulating qualities of the surrounding earth

Question 3

The Fali compound was formed in the shape of a circle for the purpose of ____________.

alignment with objects of cosmic significance

grain production

breeding livestock


Question 4According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on the Americas, the ________ is considered by most scholars tobe an astronomical observatory aligned to key point in the Maya calendar.

Question 5 According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on the Americas, the site that most clearly demonstrates theintimate relationship between architecture and landscape is

Tikal Temple

Machu Picchu in Peru

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