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one can see clearly the use of mandala diagram to organize the temples intoa.Axial relationships and bilateral symmetry

6.According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Ancient India and Asia, studies like the one at Angkor Wat have greatly expanded our understanding of these cities as more than an isolated collection of great monuments. They raise important issues about

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a.Land conversion

b.Land use and urban planning

c.Water use and conservation

7.According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Egypt, the Temple complex at Abu Simbel created by Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC was

a.A monument to himself and his queen Nefertari

b.A monument to his exploits in wat

c.Carved completely of solid rock

8.According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Egypt, the plan of Amun-Re reveals a space containing a grid of columns. This space is called a

a.Hypostyle hall

9.Greek architecture reflected societal culture through the overarching concept of

a.Proportional relationships

10.The overall layout of the Acropolis was designed to enhance the sense of


11.This diagram illustrates the fundamental basis for most Hindu temples:

a.a womb-chamber, a passage for circumambulation and the sacred mountain

12.Hindu temple designs are based on symbolic forms derived froma.nature and geometric proportions

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