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Question 9

The atrium in the typical Pompeian home

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A.was a small, dark space that led to the rear peristyle garden

B.was central to the dwelling, providing light and water collection for the home

C.often encompassed an entire city block

D.was a short-lived style that was soon replaced with a covered vestibule

Question 10

According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Rome, the layered squares seen in Panini’s painting of the interior of the Pantheon are called ________ which, beyond creating depth and visual interest to the curvature of the dome, significantly reduce the overall weight of the building.

Question 11

According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Rome, roman builders used a volcanic ash know as ________ which proved to be far superior to that of lime mortar.

Question 12

According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Rome, the Colosseum originally carried a light-weight tensile structure for shade covering called a

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