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Archaea Bacteria

Question 6 What is Escherichia coli’s effect on humans?

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usually harmless, sometimes pathogenic

always dangerous, rarely helpful

completely beneficial, never dangerous

Question 7 True or False: Bifidobacterium is in the Domain Archaea.

True False

Question 8 What shape is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)?

coccus rod helix

Question 9 What effect does Streptococcus bovis have on organisms other than humans?

Beneficial Pathogen No effect

Question 10 True or False: Escherichia coli is gram-positive.

True False

Question 11 What is the shape of Bifidobacterium?

rod coccus helix

Question 12 True or False: Lactobacillus is typically anaerobic.

True False

Question 13 Which of the following best describes Streptococcus bovis?

Gram-positive, helix-shaped

Gram-negative, coccus-shaped

Gram-negative, neither beneficial nor harmful

Gram-positive, pathogenic

Question 14 What domain does Streptococcus pharyngitis belong to?

Bacteria Archaea

Question 15 True or False: Helicobacter pylori has pili.

True False

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