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The greatest number of individuals a given environment can sustain

The rapid, exponential growth experienced by a population with plenty of resources

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The ability of two competing populations to increase their growth and reproduction

Question 10

When P. aurelia was grown alone, how long did it take to reach carrying capacity? ~ 2 days ~4 days ~8-10 days ~14 days

Question 11

What resource were the mixed Paramecium competing for in this study?

food space water mates

Question 12

In the absence of competition, which species grows fastest?

P. aurelia P. caudatum They grow at the same rate

Question 13

What is the food source for the Paramecium?

Bacteria Rice Agar Sugar

Question 14

Can the two Paramecium species prey on each other? no

Question 15

The principle of Competitive Exclusion (and its corollary) means that: (read all your choices!)

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