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3. Both the object and the image are visible. 4. The image point I is at h’=h/n 5. The image point I is at h’=n h

1 and 5

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2 and 5

3 and 4

1 and 4

2 and 4

3 and 5

Question 6 The attached figure is from Prelab Question 2 in the lab manual. Perform the derivation described there and state which of the following expressions gives the length of the ray inside the block:1) d sin ?2) d / sin ?3) L cos ?24) L / cos ?2

2. and 3.

2. and 4.

1. and 3.

1. and 4.

Question 7 The attached figure is from Prelab Question 3 at the end of the writeup for this experiment. Althoughthe written prelab will not be graded, perform the derivation described there and then state which of the following statements and equations are correct. (1) ?2=30o(2) =(??1-?2)/2 (3) Triangle aec is an equilateral triangle. 1, 2, and 3 2 and 3 1 only

1 and 2 1 and 3 3 only 2 only

Question 8 A light ray incident on a block of glass makes an incident angle of 50.0° with the normal to the surface. The refracted ray in the block makes an 31.9° with the normal. What is the index of refraction of the glass?


Between 1.38 and 1.52

Question 9

A light ray traveling from a higher index of refraction medium into a lower index of refraction medium (for example, from water into air) would bend away from the normal to the medium surface. When the refracted ray is parallel to the boundary of the medium, ?2 = 90°. The incident angle, ?1, becomes ?c, called the

conjugate angle

Cauchy angle

classic angle

critical angle

TE-Prela ?Points5?

Questions7?Availableuntil Apr 7 at 7am?Time Limit120 MinutesThis quiz was locked Apr 7 at 7am.Attempt HistoryAttemptTimeScoreLATESTAttempt 120 minutes2 out of 5Score for this quiz: 2 out of 5Submitted Apr 6 at 10:21pm

This attempt took 20 minutes.

Question 1

The ___________ is a plane perpendicular to the optic axis through the focal point. light ray Correct! focal plane paraxial ray approximation focal point optic axis

Question 2

True or False: The quantities di and do are measured from the lens (or mirror).

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