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Free Descriptive Essay about the Beach

Our everyday undertakings put so much pressure on us that sometimes it becomes impossible to think clearly, at this point it is always useful to teak a break from one’s busy schedules. Every person has a place they prefer to visit for relaxation and to spurt away from pressures and fears of life. There will always be that one place, which takes all your glitches and predicaments during times of strain and gives you the feeling of a lifetime. For many people, I included, the beach serves as the final remedy to all my worries and pressures. When on the beach, I feel free from all my life troubles; it feels like all my problems have been swept away by the waters.

Walking along the beach gives me a thrilling experience as my feet feel the soft and suave sand. The soothing atmosphere that surrounds the beach always overwhelm me, and at times it makes me forget about any other thing in this universe and focus on the soothing experience. Beach experience during the summer is incomprehensible, in most cases I allow myself to enthrall the penetrating rays of the scorching sun. I have been on the beach for several times, and I can attest that the sun never disappoints during summer days. The hypnotic sounds of the waters have an inexplicable calming effect, and the systematic drubbing of the waves prevent me from remembering any of my qualms in life.

The beach allows me to feel composed, and appreciate everything that the world offers. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by happiness; it makes you think that you have a reason to be alive, and things will turn out to be okay. Sometimes when seated at my chair in the beach, I look all-around and all I can see is the fantastic beauty of the summer. On the right are children playing and building castles, and on the right is an elderly couple holding hands and enjoying the beauty of the beach. It is difficult to explain the feeling brought about by these sights; it feels like we all deserve to live on the beach. People are so happy, no one is busy or working, everyone is jumping up and down, and the sounds of people having fun makes the experience so memorable that anytime I feel lonely or stressed, all I do is recall the memorable moments at the beach.

When the sun gets too hot, and my skin feels that it cannot absorb more of the blistering rays of the summer sun, I run towards what I consider my worldly heaven, the unending sparkler blue waters. I plunge into the roaring waters with my head first. The serene feeling I get when floating on the waves, makes me forget about the approaching harsh waves that soon crash over my entire body. The monstrous waves overtake me, and its force knocks me back to the sandy shores of the beach, and at this point, I feel refreshed pure and ready to bounce back to my stressful everyday life.

Apart from the beach moments, the storms also make life at the beach so memorable. When the wind blows over the people at the beach, they escape and collect their possessions as rain approaches. Music from surrounding cafes stops immediately as customers’ rush to their rooms, even the melodies of the birds comes to a halt. The place suddenly turns so quiet, and sometimes it also becomes scary. Lights from the surviving beach lights go off, and the whole area goes dark, but in the morning one wakes up to the same beauty, beautiful sun, and surrounded by happy people.

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