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A personal narrative essay is one that tells a story from a defined point of view, often the author’s, so there is feeling as well as specific and often sensory details provided to get the reader involved in the elements and sequence of the story.

The Loan: A Personal Experience Essay

This was my last chance. I would need three thousand dollars by the following day but unfortunately, only seven hundred was in my possession. I would perhaps need to win a lottery in order to raise the remaining amount. Trouble was beckoning for me. I had a tolerable life five months earlier. I was then twenty years old and was staying with my fiancé and our young baby. The apartment we lived in was cramped. Under normal circumstances, the rent that was charged for the apartment should have been affordable for us. However, our meager income could not grant affordability and continuance. Even as I went through unceasing struggles, I still had hopes and belief that I would one day make it in life. All I needed was to identify an opportunity and make good use of it.

It was during a conversation with a workmate that I landed an opportunity. The colleague, John by name, told me that a wealthy uncle of his had been giving him a whopping ten thousand dollars on a yearly basis. Even a small percentage of that amount would change my wanting situation forever. I quickly drafted a fake mail order business plan. I then requested John to give me four thousand dollars in the form of a loan for a period of half a year. I gave him my old printing machine, whose worth was about 300 hundred dollars, as interest. However, John could only afford me three thousand dollars. I could not turn it down. I quickly sprang into action with my business plan. I acquired a postal box number but sadly, that marked my end with the plan. I acted no more on it. Unperturbed, I embarked on squandering the remainder of the three thousand dollars. Whenever John inquired about the progress of my business, I would tell him all was well.

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Fast-forward to October the same year, John demanded back his money. Noteworthy, our original agreement indicated that the 10th of December would mark the deadline for settling the loan. At this point, we again reached a “mini-agreement” that I would settle the loan on the 10th of November. By then, I had been left with eight hundred dollars out of the three thousand I had received. My decision to start taking part in the lottery at this time was informed by the lack of a source that could help me repay the loan. As per this new plan of mine, I would purchase five tickets bearing similar numbers. Upon winning the lottery, I would make 1,500 dollars given that each ticket would fetch five hundred dollars. Since I would have personally purchased the tickets, each store would issue me with a check as opposed to having my prize given to me by Madison. Additionally, no taxes would reduce the amount I would earn.

Strange enough and contrary to my expectations, I would not win the lottery. I had put immense trust on the numbers I had picked to get me the prize. This is why it came to me as a big surprise that the numbers failed to win! I never threw in the towel. I picked on new numbers the following day but sadly, I once again failed to win. I continued playing with unending hopes even though I lost every time I tried. Before I could get ready, it was already the 9th of November. I had to raise the money on this particular day. Relying on my luck and that of nature, I picked fifteen numbers in the lottery. I would spend $75 in buying the numbers since each would cost $5. I would add what I would win to the $600 I was remaining with at that time.

My playing time came and I decided not to use the numbers I had earlier picked. My luck was not definitely in the numbers. I decided to rely on numbers picked by the computer at least for this last chance. In addition, I purchased a Super-Cash. Out of it, I would earn $250,000. On this particular day, I had to go back home early from work since the drawing of my pick would occur at exactly 5.42 p.m. I was already glued to my television screen by 5.30 p.m. Within me; I knew this was my chance. I was just a few minutes away from becoming two thousand five hundred dollars richer. My heart throbbed in my chest as the drawing got underway. ‘3’ was the first number to be drawn. Looking at my ticket, ‘3’ was the first among the numbers. Again, ‘3’ was the second one. On my ticket, the second number was not ‘3’. The same number was supposed to be the third in my ticket. The winning “formula” was to be 3-3-3 which I did not have. I had once again failed. However, not all my hopes had been dashed as the Super-Cash would give me another drawing chance. My financial woes would be over if I won the Super-Cash even though I would not have the cash the following day. My conviction pushed me into purchasing another ticket of Super-Cash. I had never before in my life concentrated the way I did in picking the numbers. This was my last source of hope.

The drawing was conducted at 11.02 p.m. Again, I tried my best to have my numbers drawn. ‘13’ was the first number to appear. It was not on my ticket. I plunged into desperation. Not even a single number out of the numbers that were drawn was on my ticket. I had no more options left. Where would I turn to next? Of course the next thing was to go to bed given that the day was literally over. My problem was that I could not sleep. I wallowed in miser. I wished the following day would not come. I dreaded facing it. I did not want to face tomorrow. As countless thoughts crisscrossed my mind in my bed, I remembered about the numbers I had arranged for my picks. My last pick had been 3-3-3. Had I used this particular pick for playing, I would have been a winner. However, this thought was a bit too little too late.

Morning had come. It was the 10th of November, the day I was to honor my pledge of fully servicing the loan. I woke up and carried with me all the six hundred dollars I was left with to work. I gave John the entire amount and narrated to him my ordeal. Within the week, my parents sent me some five hundred dollars after empathizing with my situation. John lost his job at the end of the month. The reason for his dismissal was failure to report to work. Apparently, he had got a greener pasture and thus had decided to quit his former employer. He had informed me of this. However, things did not turn out as he had expected and thus he tried to plead with the company to have him back. Unfortunately for him, the company would have none of his pleas. He even went as far as asking me to convince the company’s management on his behalf as a close friend.

On the 3rd of December, I took a step that would culminate in the end of my financial woes. Noteworthy, this was some seven days to the 10th of December, the date that I was originally to resettle John’s loan. I applied for a bank loan and was awarded the amount I had requested. As is now evident, this was a simpler and more workable thought than the lottery idea. The incident should have taught me a host of lessons. However, I did not fully learn from it. I would again have to pass through some financially challenging situations in order for me to fully appreciate that relying on credit is often not a dependable idea. As a result, never have I again asked a friend to loan me any amount of money. If that is what being in debt with a friend’s money would cost me, let the idea of borrowing from a non-financial institution be.

Another lesson that the situation should have taught me is not to be dependent on lottery. However, I could not learn fast enough at that time as my chances of winning came so close. I only missed winning because I did not use all the numbers I had picked. As a matter of fact, winning would have made me a ‘wizard’ at choosing lottery numbers. However, all would not come to pass; I kept on failing! I now have enough and valuable experience about the challenging nature of the world. It is never easy. Nothing comes on a silver platter under the sun, not even the lottery. Another hard lesson I learnt out of the situation is the importance of being in a position to face one’s problems with courage. One’s problems are one’s problems; one can never solve them by quitting!

Finally, I learnt the importance of explaining one’s problem to their benefactors. As already seen, I had only remained with $600 by the time John’s loan was due. However, instead of trying to avoid him, I walked right up to him and faced him with my situation. I explained everything that had transpired to him and pleaded with him to understand my situation. My efforts were not in vain as he understood and took my promise that I would settle the debt as soon as I could. Had I started avoiding him, the issue could have caused our friendship to deteriorate drastically. Thus, one should always communicate with those they owe irrespective of whether or not they are in a position to repay their loans.

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