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NTR101 Fundamentals Nutrition

Test 5A

• Question 1 The reasons we see obesity combined with undernutrition in the poor include all of the following EXCEPT:

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• Question 2 Which of the following would you choose in order to save costs in fuel and protect the environment?

• Question 3 A major cause of preventable mental retardation among the poor is:

• Question 4 Which of the following represents the most energy-efficient way of cooking vegetables?

• Question 5 The primary cause of hunger is:

• Question 6 In the United States, the food industry’s energy consumption is about _____ percent of all the energy the nation uses.

• Question 7 The best way to approach making individual changes to reduce your ecological footprint is to:

• Question 8 The predominant form of hunger in the United States today is caused by:

• Question 9 Which of the following cooking methods wastes the most fuel?

• Question 10 Which of the following trends is currently taking place and projected to continue for the next two decades?

• Question 11 A food desert is a location where:

• Question 12 The U.S. government’s Energy Star logo is from the:

• Question 13 Which of the following packaging techniques for foods is the most environmentally advantageous

• Question 14 Which of the following is not a cause of “hyper” behavior in children?

• Question 15 The life-threatening food allergy reaction of anaphylactic shock is most often caused by:

• Question 16 Children who skip breakfast:

• Question 17 A young child who used to like bananas now gets nauseated if he has to eat them. This has happened ever since he became ill two months ago from spinning on a carousel immediately after eating a banana in the playground. This would be an example of a:

• Question 18 The effect of physical activity for the elderly is to:

• Question 19 Which of the following have been identified as affecting physiological age?

• Question 20 An adolescent girl is drinking diet colas instead of milk because she wants to control her weight. What can she do to aid her development of peak bone mass?

• Question 21 A child’s appetite fluctuates after the age of:

• Question 22 The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that older adults:

• Question 23 An elderly woman in a nursing home no longer goes outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and has reduced her meat intake because her dentures don’t fit well. This may be leading to a deficiency of which vitamins?

• Question 24 Older adults should:

• Question 25 In most boys, the adolescent growth spurt peaks at about:

• Question 26 Which of the following worsens acne?

• Question 27 A 17-year-old girl still in high school has just become pregnant. What advice should she be given about her nutrient intake during pregnancy?

• Question 28 Should all pregnant women take prenatal supplements of vitamins and minerals?

• Question 29 Most babies are born with enough _____ to last about half a year.

• Question 30 A nursing mother produces about _____ ounces of milk a day.

• Question 31 An estimated 85% of children with type 2 diabetes are:

• Question 32 An obese woman is trying to get pregnant with her first baby. What recommendation would you give her?

• Question 33 Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning iron during pregnancy?

• Question 34 A pregnant woman needs about _____ grams of protein per day above prepregnancy needs.

• Question 35 Susie is a pregnant vegetarian who does not consume meat, fish, poultry, or animal products such as dairy foods or eggs. Susie would be at risk for developing a deficiency of:

• Question 36 Which of the following nutrients is related to the prevention of neural tube defects?

• Question 37 A woman who has just become pregnant is used to drinking 2 pots of coffee a day. What adjustments should she make in her caffeine consumption?

• Question 38 A nonpregnant woman requires 1600 calories per day to maintain her desirable body weight. How many calories per day would she need if she were in the third trimester of pregnancy?

• Question 39 It is desirable to begin feeding the infant iron-fortified cereals by about _____ months.

• Question 40 A pregnant teenager with a body mass index in the normal range is encouraged to gain _____ pounds or so.

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