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HWK Erin Brockovich Worksheet


Harper College Ethics

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Erin Brockovich. Dir. Steven Soderbergh. Perf. Julia Roberts, Albert Finney. Universal Pictures, 2000.

1. While watching the film, jot down notes about the ethical issues that arise on the left.

2. Later on, read over your list of ethical issues and use the right hand column to find ways that these issues relate to ideas and theories we discussed this semester. You might do this by pointing out places where, say Utilitarian reasoning is applicable, or where say Kant’s second formulation of the categorical imperative would help shed light on the issue. Or, you might think about something that a particular philosopher specifically said that can be applied (Nagel, Pineau). You have the option of either: typing your notes directly into this document, printing out this document and writing on it, or creating a similar chart on a piece of paper and writing in your notes. Just be sure to upload your notes under assignments as a file (PDF, Word Doc, or JPEG).

3. After taking your notes, list five discussion questions that would allow us to explore ethical issues the film raises.

Ethical Issues that Arise in the Film

What Position Might be Taken on These Issues by Ethical Systems We Studied this Semester

List five discussion questions that would allow us to explore ethical issues the film raises.

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