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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 23 Exam

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Question 1Which of the following technologies is recognized as the primary engine behind the communications revolution of the nineteenth century?

Question 2 In the 1870s, what group of indicators signaled a turning point in global economic integration?

Question 3What kind of labor force does China offer TNCs?

Question 4Which of the following statements about global investment is true?

Question 5 Between 1820 and 1914, more than __________ miles of railroad were laid in the United States.

Question 6Before __________, economic production and consumption had to be largely local.

Question 7 Where are the top migration corridors located?

Question 8An economic system in which the place for market- produced goods is limited is __________.

Question 9Based on your knowledge of regionalization in comparison with globalization, which of the following scenarios best reflects the true picture of international trade and investment?

Question 10Which of the following features of the capitalist system distinguishes it from other systems?

Question 11Which of the following scenarios most accurately portrays the role of global value chains in globalization?

Question 12After the Great Depression, what was the most important factor that worked against the resumption of globalized economic integration?

Question 13Steps in global value chains typically take place __________.

Question 14Consider the course of globalization from the nineteenth century to today. After a period of increasing globalization that began in the nineteenth century, when did the process of deglobalization start?

Question 15Gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the value of __________.

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