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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 12 Exam

Question 1As a homework assignment, Dr. Calibri tells his students to find and bring to the next class meeting a picture of heteronormativity. Which of the following images is a student most likely to bring in?

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Question 2How have parents’ socialization practices changed over time?

Question 3As long as she can remember Sara has always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Which of the following explanations would a sociologist most likely give to explain Sara’s occupational goals?

Question 4__________ are terms used to describe bias directed at persons because of their sexual orientation.

Question 5Kelly and Jonah are in a romantic relationship. What is most likely their sexual orientation?

Question 6As demand for __________ grew, employment opportunities for women increased during the 1960s and 1970s.

Question 7Which of the following statements about gender equality is true?

Question 8A major change in the past 50 years is a(n) __________ employment and educational attainment.

Question 9What does DOMA stand for?

Question 10Why do unmarried couples who expect to have, or already do have, a child outside of marriage not marry as frequently as these individuals who belonged to older cohorts?

Question 11Young people today are much more likely than young people in the 1970s to __________.

Question 12After dating exclusively for four years, George and Michael would like to get married. Living in the United States, what is the public support for same-sex marriage??

Question 13According to sociologists, why are women more likely than men to avoid casual sex?

Question 14Mary has a very busy life. As a result, she prefers casual sexual liaisons with no expectation of a relationship to ensue. To Mary, __________ is ideal.

Question 15Kendra is an introductory sociology student. For a class project, she decides to study messages in the mass media. She notices that there are very few role models for young gays and lesbians. Kendra concludes that the messages in the media reflect __________.

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