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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 15 Exam

Question 1Which of the following life outcomes for Sylvia is more likely than the others because she failed to complete high school?

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Question 2Research on contemporary college and university students in the United States shows they study __________ students in the past.

Question 3In 1848, Horace Mann called education __________.

Question 4Differences in achievement test scores can be explained, in part, by the differences in the courses that students take, especially in which three subjects?

Question 5Theo went to a prestigious private high school and, afterward, attended a well-respected university, where he earned a degree in finance. After working at a reputable firm for a few years, Theo branched out on his own. As a financial planner in private practice, Theo was sure he knew exactly what each of his new clients needed but had trouble making them understand his precise instructions. Every client eventually left him, saying that he was brilliant with figures but not so bright with people. Which of the following concepts would Theo’s clients likely emphasize when describing their dealings with him?

Question 6Liz and Rachel were inseparable childhood friends but drifted apart after high school. Liz took a couple of community college classes, and Rachel earned a bachelor’s degree. Considering only the extent of their postsecondary educational attainment, which of the following future outcomes seems most plausible for Liz and Rachel?

Question 7How has the relationship between education and marriage changed in recent decades?

Question 8The Morrill Act, passed in 1862 by the federal government, provided each state with resources to build __________.

Question 9For lower-class white males, educational attainment is __________ related to occupation and income.

Question 10The value of degrees that previously secured a job are in decline such that students must overcome a variety of academic hurdles in order to be competitive for a position; this is known as __________.

Question 11Among the following, who is exhibiting a soft skill?

Question 12__________ is the idea that competition for desirable and important positions should go to those with the best qualifications regardless of their family background.

Question 13Given what you know about gender differences in educational attainment, which of the following scenarios is most likely?

Question 14A group of teachers and administrators are meeting to discuss effective alternatives, or modifications, to tracking. Their goal is to provide an equitable learning and achievement environment for all students. Which of the following proposals has the greatest chance of fulfilling their goal?

Question 15What do sociologists mean when they refer to the hidden curriculum of schools?

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