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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 17 Exam

Question 1Which of the following is an example of statistical deviance?

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Question 2The heaviest users of morphine in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries were __________.

Question 3Simply put, to be a “deviant” entails __________.

Question 4Insights from the sociological study of deviance come from studying______________.

Question 5Social control requires both __________ and __________.

Question 6How does labeling one as deviant reinforce the so-called “deviance”?

Question 7Which of the following would best illustrate the emphasis on the process of defining deviance?

Question 8Why were the reprehensible acts (humiliation, cultural disrespect, torture, etc.) at the Abu Ghraib prison not a clear case of institutional deviance?

Question 9The widespread use of morphine that followed the Civil War was for what reason?

Question 10Which would most likely be a root for the discomfort described by Goffman (1963) in explaining the “norm of engagement”?

Question 11The war on drugs to reduce abuse, protect children, make neighborhoods safer, and the like fell disproportionately on __________, rather than treating the broader spectrum of social ills and classes for which it was intended.

Question 12How does a criminal record influence other parts of an individual’s life?

Question 13Which of the following are true of social deviance and conforming behavior?

Question 14Moral regulation, the effort to legislate morality, is being curbed by what phenomenon?

Question 15Other than punishment, why do we follow rules and norms?

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