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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 19 Exam

Question 1According to Charles Kurzman (1996), what perception motivated Iranian protesters who toppled the shah’s regime in the late 1970s?

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Question 2Why are elections seen as the “democratic translation of the class struggle”?

Question 3Which of the following is most likely to represent a movement that seeks to change a human emotional response or redirect empathy?

Question 4Why is the chess analogy-describing the tactical choices of those involved in a movement-useful in understanding how a social movement operates?

Question 5People who lived during the Great Depression would not have imagined such an annual event as Earth Day. They could not afford the kind of lives that allow for the __________ that developed after World War II.

Question 6Social movements are similar to __________ because they express feelings and thoughts that have not been formalized into language by journalists, lawmakers, and the like.

Question 7According to Gamson, who was largely responsible for “queer activism”?

Question 8A local animal rights organization engages a public relations expert to learn effective ways to get its message out to the general public and other useful strategies to motivate potential recruits. The organization settles on a series of different messages to get the public to share its animal rights orientation. In this scenario, __________ is being used to boost recruitment and participation.

Question 9Which of the following is true about social movements and the course of history?

Question 10Movements and revolutions have many goals to balance in their tactics. What name did the sociologist Charles Tilly give to the limitations (and resources) that leaders face in regard to this complexity?

Question 11Research suggests that __________ of committed antiabortion activists had ambiguous views about abortion or even considered themselves “pro-choice” when they initially joined the movement; it was only after they spent some time in the movement, interacting with long-term activists, that they came to emphatically oppose abortions.

Question 12__________ are webs of connections that link individuals and organizations to one another for communication and other exchanges.

Question 13During the 1960s and after, not all social movements were about civil rights or antiwar. These movements were uniquely concerned with __________.

Question 14The civil rights movement benefited from what kind of SMO for support and organization, especially in the South?

Question 15Which of the following conditions is most conducive to recruiting supporters?

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