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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 9 Exam

Question 1What is the Hispanic equivalent of the black ghetto?

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Question 2An influential group of sociologists who used the city of Chicago as a laboratory for the study of urbanism is known as the __________.

Question 3Which of the following forms of community would a New Urbanist favor?

Question 4The primary points of entry for the majority of immigrants coming to America from abroad are __________.

Question 5Edge cities have developed as suburban counterparts to __________.

Question 6Which of the following scenarios is an accurate reflection of the impact of technology on community life?

Question 7East Hollywood, which contains a substantial number of immigrants from Latin America, Armenia, and Southeast Asia, is an example of __________.

Question 8Before industrialization, daily life for the vast majority of people focused on __________.

Question 9Our world is becoming __________.

Question 10According to demographer Kingsley Davis, in the modern world, the process of urbanization follows a(n) __________.

Question 11Which scenario typifies a federally subsidized exodus of whites from central cities?

Question 12Social capital refers to the resources available to individuals __________.

Question 13It seems obvious that rural areas foster a greater sense of community and social connectedness than urban areas, but how might cities be able to create a similar feeling of community?

Question 14With which of the following attributes of city life, more so than the others, did writer and activist Jane Jacobs concern herself?

Question 15Over the past several decades, __________ have been the fastest growing ethnic groups in rural America.

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