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this is the Q

1. Organizations use authentication technologies to _____. (Choose one.)

2. The business called “Etsy” does which type of commerce, primarily? (Choose one.)

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3. An organization unit likely to benefit from use of a customer relationship management system is _____. (Choose one.)

4. Most e-commerce solutions support what core task? (Choose one.)

5. Advantages of e-commerce and m-commerce include _____. (Choose one.)

6. Compared to a typical Transaction Processing System (TPS), a typical Management Information System (MIS) has _____ routine, _____ input/output, and _____ complexity of processing. (Choose one.)

7. The elimination of organizations between the producer and the consumer is called ____________. (Choose one.)

8. The _____ MIS subsystems and outputs are used to monitor and control the flow of materials, products, and services through the organization. (Choose one.)

9. The key components of a/an _____ system include a database, model base, dialog manager, and access to networks and other computer-based systems. (Choose one.)

10. An effective __________ MIS helps an organization keep personnel costs at a minimum while serving the required business processes needed to achieve corporate goals. (Choose one.)

11. A typical Decision Support System (DSS) includes a/an _______________, which allows decision makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common business terms and phrases. (Choose one.)

12. During the _____ stage of the problem solving process, you develop alternative solutions to the problem and evaluate their feasibility. (Choose one.)

13. A Decision Support System (DSS) focuses on the _____ of a decision when faced with unstructured or semi-structured business problems. (Choose one.)

14. A _____ provides for the gathering of anonymous input, allows for the exchange of information and 14. A _____ provides for the gathering of anonymous input, allows for the exchange of information and expertise among people without direct interaction, and supports many different decision-making approaches. (Choose one.)

15. Which of these is/are important reasons for an organization to develop an expert system? (Choose one.)

16. A/an ____ helps a user of an expert system understand how the system arrived at its results. (Choose one.) 17. An expert system’s knowledge acquisition facility serves as an interface between _____. (Choose one.)

18. Captured or created knowledge is typically stored in ______. (Choose one.)

19. A/an _____ stores all relevant information, data, rules, cases, and relationships that an expert system uses. (Choose one.)

20. A/an ____ is NOT a key component of an expert system. (Choose one.)

21. ____ knowledge is hard to measure and document and typically is not objective or formalized. (Choose one.)

22. During the _____ phase of the systems development life cycle, team members attempt to answer the question, “What must the information system do to provide solutions to problems or opportunities?” (Choose one.)

23. _____ produces an installed, operational information system that meets UU business goals. (Choose one.)

24. The _____ systems development approach requires cooperation and frequent live meetings with all project participants as they modify, refine, and test how the system meets users’ needs and what its capabilities are. (Choose one.)

25. The primary outcome of the systems analysis phase is/are ____. (Choose one.)

26. _____ uses an iterative approach to the systems development process. (Choose one.)

27. During the ____ phase of the system development process, problems and opportunities are identified and considered in relation to business goals. (Choose one.)

28. The training of end users is an important task in the ____ phase of a systems development project

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