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DUI or driving under the influence is an offense that can result in one needing to hire a DUI Attorney. This is because a case can be filed against you and a good DUI lawyer can help you handle this. If you are stuck in this situation, then you will be wondering how to find an attorney who can help you out. If you want to be cleared without any complications, you will need to look for someone good.

Below are some tips that you can think about when looking for an attorney like this.

Why is it a good idea to hire a DUI attorney?

You may be wondering whether you should hire the DUI attorney or not. When it comes to a DUI arrest, this is a serious issue. When arrested due to driving under the influence, the possibility does exist that you will have to face some jail time, get your license suspended, or even pay some hefty fines.

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In the case when someone died because of this drunk driving, you will have to handle psychological problems also. While certain legal issues may be handled alone; some DUI arrest warrants one to get the legal help of the qualified DUI attorney or an individual that can handle the complications of a DUI case like yours.

Not any criminal defense attorney can help you out. This is due to the reason that DUI laws tend to be highly centralized as well as specific. Therefore DUI cases get better handled by some experienced DUI attorneys or the person who has specialized knowledge within this area, encompassing information of traffic laws, ignition interlock devices, along with motor vehicle laws, for instance.

A compatible DUI attorney may even challenge specific aspects of the DUI charge based upon their specialized knowledge concerning Breathalyzer, blood test, plus chemical testing procedures. This is why a DUI attorney is needed that can aid in guiding you across confusing aspects of DUI.

Finding a DUI attorney

Now that you know the importance of a DUI attorney, you will want to know what things to look at in the attorney before hiring them and also how to find a good lawyer. Read on to find out more.

Research is important

You need to take out time to do research before you actually hire the DUI attorney. Finding some good DUI lawyer that will listen carefully to you, properly understand the case, as well as help you within court will not be immediately found. You need to research certain DUI attorneys so as to select the one who is best for the case you are in.

The internet along with social media has allowed research to be easy. You need to put in the work to do this. You can check out different attorneys present in your area like Los Angeles DUI Attorney if you stay in this area. It is essential that you consider trustworthy reviews and stay away from fake ones.

You can even get help from friends and family members who you trust. They can give you suggestions and even recommendations concerning those to hire and not to hire. They can tell you about their experience in the best way. You can even ask them anything that you want. If you have anyone you know who has been involved in a case like this, you should ask them everything you are concerned about.

Create a list of the potential lawyers

It is a good idea to create a list consisting of potential lawyers. This can be made on an Excel spreadsheet. If you want you can also write a list that is easy to understand. Keep this list of lawyers that you are interested in. If you do this, you will not be confused as you will have the list with you. The list should be clear.

It should have their name, the area of specialty, their phone number, email address, as well as address. Include these things so that it can be easy for you to consult the list and contact who you need to. When you have spoken to the DUI attorney and also know how much they will charge you, include a column that states the “cost” within the document also. A list like this can help you out.

Figure out if the attorney is well qualified to be able to handle the case

You should not assume that simply because a person is a lawyer, they will be properly qualified to handle the case. You can visit your State Bar website and check if any lawyers on the list you made have some history of malpractice. See if they have been subject to disciplinary actions as well. You need to stay away from lawyers like this.

It is essential to be sure that those on the list are licensed so as to practice within your state. They need to be licensed. You can ask the lawyer to show their license. The attorney needs to be familiar with the present legal system that is in your area.

You can ask to see the degree that the attorney has. They should have a proper degree in this field.

The relationship they have with prosecutors

You should understand the way that the prosecutors see the DUI lawyer that you wish to work with. If the attorney has a good relationship present with the court, this shows some professionalism. The lawyer that does not have a good standing with their local prosecutors, as well as police, may notice their clients getting unduly prejudiced. This may even show limited professionalism and poor legal tactics.

Have a face-to-face meeting with the DUI attorney

No doubt, face-to-face meetings do take time which you should be willing to give. You may even need to drive some distance to reach the attorney. Nevertheless, these meetings are important when selecting a good DUI lawyer. If you meet the potential attorney in person, this provides you with the opportunity to get a feel concerning how they work. You can see if you get along with them as well and if they are a good fit. You need to be comfortable speaking to the DUI attorney concerning every aspect of the DUI charge.

Remember to be prepared totally for these meetings. You should have all the required paperwork with you so that the lawyer can get everything clear and know all the details of the case. You can write down some possible questions that you wish to ask the attorney so that you do not forget to ask anything important. You should not be nervous, regard this as being a job interview and you are the one hiring.

Some questions that you can ask include:

  • Ask them the number of DUI jury trials they have conducted?
  • How much of their criminal defense practice has been devoted to these types of cases?
  • The number of years they have been practicing law?
  • How much of the DUI case will they actually handle?
  • The amount of guilty and not guilty verdicts they have had?
  • How many years have they practiced DUI defense?
  • Do they know about the state’s breathalyzer needs and loopholes?
  • How much will the attorney charge, and how are the fees calculated?

The above are some important questions that you may ask. You can include any other important questions and write these down so that you can ask everything that is in your mind.

Know how much the DUI lawyer will charge you

It is very important that you have an idea of how much you will be charged so that you do not face problems later on. You should know that the cost involved in fighting the DUI charge does vary. It depends upon some factors. Not every DUI attorney is the same. A good and qualified DUI attorney will probably charge more in comparison to some average DUI lawyer.

DUI fees will also probably vary according to geography, and where you stay. You should select the lawyer who you can go easily to and not face complications visiting them when required. But they should also be good.

DUI charges tend to be case-specific. The fees vary based upon the amount of work that is required to represent the case. In every case, it is better that you consult with different DUI attorneys present in the area that you stay in so as to find the one that you feel comfortable with when it comes to representing you. Also, get a sense concerning the cost involved in handling your case.

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, then you should start acting immediately so that you do not end up facing many complications that are tough to solve. Get the help of a good DUI attorney that can help you get out of this mess.

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