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Question 1 

The major industries that developed in the South prior to 1900 included all of the following except

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cotton production.






iron production.

Question 2 

The final act in the U.S. war against the Plains Indians took place at


Little Big Horn.


Sand Creek.


Wounded Knee.


the Canadian border.


Pine Ridge.

Question 3 

The major industries that developed in the South prior to 1900 included all of the following except




cotton production.






iron production.

Question 4 

Housing for factory workers was so bad in the late 1800s, and city sanitation was so poor, that epidemics of ____ swept through whole cities.








swine flu



Question 5 

The Dawes Act


established segregation in all   southern states.


introduced silver to the national   currency.


established Indian reservations across   the country.


divided tribal lands among native   families into individual plots of land and put the land titles in a federal   trust.


was designed to stimulate the   development of Southern Industry.

Question 6 

In his book, The Lost Cause, published just one year after the Civil War ended, Edward Pollard argued that the real reason the Civil War happened was


northern aggression against the South.


states’ rights.


the South’s desire to maintain   slavery.


old hatred between the North and the   South.


the North’s desire to end slavery.

Question 7 

Ida B. Wells-Barnett, an editor and writer, concentrated her reform efforts on the social issue of






women’s rights.





Question 8 

Which of these was not a major reason for immigration to America in the late 1800s and early 1900s?


A large increase in population across   Europe.


A rise in anti-Semitism, especially   in Russia.


The lure of economic opportunity in   America.


American advertisements placed in   Western European newspapers.


Europe’s Industrial Revolution, which   drew too many people to the cities, where they could not find jobs.

Question 9 

Henry Grady’s speech, “The New South,” could best be classified as


a call for a return to the plantation   order.


an invitation to black Southerners to   join the ranks of whites.


a romantic celebration of the Klan.


An attempt to rally the South to see   their region linked not to the antebellum and slavery past but to the promises   of the Industrial Revolution and the South’s new spirit of enterprise.


an open critique of the Southern   practice of segregation.

Question 10 

The rapid growth of the southern textile industry established it as


the most successful   area of industrial development for the South prior to 1900.


although for a   while the textile industry did well, the North eventually surpassed it, and   by 1900 it was on its last legs.


wages in southern   textile mills were the same as in the North.


the production of   iron had outpaced textile production by 1900.


it employed a large   percentage of Southerners.

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