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Ques 1.______________________ influence is pervasive to this day; its melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and repertoire are still studied by jazz musicians and are intertwined in the very fabric of nearly all modern jazz.

A. Bebop’s

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B. Soul Funk’s

C. Rock and Roll

D. Dixie Land’s

Ques 2.The most celebrated early bebop sessions took place at ___________________.

A. Milton’s Playhouse

B. Small’s Paradise

C. The Savoy

D. The Village Vanguard

Ques 3.BIRDLAND, the “Jazz Corner of the World” opened at the corner of 53rd and Broadway. Never before had a club been named after a jazz musician, living or dead. It was an unmistakable sign of Charlie Parker’s status as a living legend.

Ques 4.Which was NOT a part of the Bebop Counter Culture?

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