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Question 1

In healthy cells, the normal function of the activated Ras protein is to

Question 2

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The two major problems that transcription solves for the cell are

Question 3

There are more than four kinds of amino acids in proteins. Each kind of amino acid must be coded for in mRNA. Thus, a short sequence of mRNA bases called a(n) _________ is used to code for each amino acid in the translation process.

Question 4

Which of the following phrases best describes the role of mRNA in gene expression?

Question 5

The “S” phase of the cell cycle represents the activity of

Question 6

_____________ is a disease state characterized by cells that divide uncontrollably and no longer respect their confinement within their tissue of origin.

Question 7

Animal development and automobile development differ in that

Question 8

The ______________ is a highly differentiated brain structure that is too specialized to be considered an “early brain region”.

Question 9

Why is the word “translation” used for protein production? Protein production is the process of

Question 10

Heart rate and respiratory inhalation rate functions in the mature human adult are controlled by the

Question 11

In the translation process, tRNA molecules are also called “adapter” molecules. Why? What is their function?

Question 12

The ________________ is often represented as a chart in which a specific sequence of bases in mRNA (a codon) is used to represent each amino acid building block found in the world of proteins.

Question 13

The nuclear membrane of the cell disintegrates during which phase of the cell cycle?

Question 14

When DNA is replicated, the two strands are first separated through _________; each strand then becomes a _________ against which two new strands are made.

Question 15

Life perpetuates itself at the cellular level

Question 16

The brain most directly interacts with and controls

Question 17

When the organism expresses a set of genes, the result is the characteristics of that organism. These characteristics are called its

Question 18

Moving ahead with cell division is controlled by the interaction of

Question 19

A dominant control over the endocrine system in mature human adults is exerted by the

Question 20

Which of the following is not a recognized organ system within the human body?

Question 21

Genes that normally direct the inhibition of cell division regulatory pathways are called

Question 22

Which of the following is a part of the overall processing of mRNA in the cell nucleus?

Question 23

The mitotic stage of metaphase is most clearly defined by

Question 24

Which of the following is tRNA’s role in translation?

Question 25

The term “transcription” means the process of



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