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Ecologists study organisms at a number of levels with a different number of components. Which of the following correctly orders these levels, from smallest to largest?

39.Which of the following is not an example of something that ecologists would generally study?

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40.Ecologists often study the spatial distribution of animals. Which of these descriptions does not match one of the common distribution patterns?

41.Why are truly random distributions rare in nature?

42.All of the following can be advantages of a clumped distribution pattern except___

43.Which of the following is true of distribution patterns in nature?

44.Carrying capacity is not the point____

45.Once the carrying capacity of an environment is reached, the population generally______

46.Growth rates are______Both

47.Which of the following events or conditions is a density independent factor that could influence population growth?

48.When moose first arrived on Isle Royale and found a habitat without predators, the moose population_____

49.How have warmer-than-normal climatic conditions affected moose populations on Isle Royale?

50.Population dynamics are influenced by birth and death rates. Which of the following are not factors that can cause early death for wolves on Isle Royale?

51.By studying the data collected from Isle Royale, ecologists have discovered that a large wolf population correlates to vigorous tree growth. Which of the following best explains this pattern?

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