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• Question 1

Just by looking at a broth after transfer, one can tell if contamination has occurred:

• Question 2

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When incubating a plate, it should be placed in the incubator with the lid side up.

• Question 3

Which type of media provides the best option for obtaining a culture with isolated bacterial colonies?

• Question 4

What is used in the lab to support the growth of a microbial population?

• Question 5

Which type of sterile media is liquid in nature?

• Question 6

Microorganisms can be described as being ubiquitous which means that they:

• Question 7

How is a glass culture tube handled during aseptic transfers?

• Question 8

Separated bacterial colonies are observable in broth cultures

• Question 9

The cloudy growth seen in a broth culture is referred to as

• Question 10

A pure culture contains

• Question 11

By looking at a colony found growing on a general-purpose medium, you can usually tell what specific type of bacteria are growing on the plate.

• Question 12

Contamination is the introduction of an unwanted organism into a culture

• Question 13

Why is 35-37 degrees Celsius a standard incubation temperature range for many lab exercises involving medically important bacteria?

• Question 14

Microorganisms should NOT be found in which of the following locations?

• Question 15

Which statement correctly describes the level on contamination on different objects?

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