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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question an its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before c?oosing an answer.
I. In Mexico, the expression Porfiriato refers to
A. the revolution of 19 J I that overthrew Diaz.
B. any kind of authoritarian political oppression.
C. the oppressive rule of Porfirio Diaz.
D. the end of the political dominance of the PRJ in July 2000.
2. In the South American Andes, the altiplano between the Cordillera Oriental and the western Cordillera
Occidental is widest in
A. Chi le.
B. Bolivia.
C. Ecuador.
D. Peru.
3. The only Central American country with a long history of democratic government is
A. Costa Rica.
B. Guatemala.
C. Belize.
D. Nicaragua.
4. Which of the following statements about the physical geography ofNorth America is true?
A. The largest tributary of the Mississippi is the Arkansas River. I
B. The Mississippi drainage basin is the fifth largest in the world.
C. The most geologically active region of North America is found along the West Coas .
D. The ancient rock ofthe Canadian Shield covers about one-fourth of Canada.
5. The were responsible for the forced migration of more peopll from Africa than any other
colonial power.
A. British
B. Spanish
C. Dutch
D. Portuguese

6. Which of the following is not a leading urban center in Venezuela?
A. Salvador
B. Valencia
C. Maracaibo
D. Caracas
7. Two U.S. West Coast ports are world ports that connect the United tates and Asian markets. They’re
Los Angeles/Long Beach and
A. Portland.
B. San Francisco.
C. Seattle.
D. San Diego.
8. Which of the following states is considered part of the Com Belt?
A. Oregon
B. Iowa
C. Texas
D. Alabama
9. Which of the following is the primary aim of the Parti Quebecois?
A. Secession from Canada in order to become a Department of France
B. Establishing Quebec as an independent country
C. Improving economic opportunities for French-speaking Canadians
D. Garnering higher income from the operation of the St. Lawrence Seaway
10. Among the northern Andean countries strongly involved in the illega coca and drug trade, ____ _
is now the predominant coca producer.
A. Colombia
B. Peru
C. Bolivia
D. Ecuador
11. Which of the following were the main proponents ofNAFTA?
A. Labor unions
B. Large corporations
C. Human rights groups
D. Environmentalists
12. is one of the first Latin American countries to have a separa e ministry of tourism with
dedicated funds within its federal governmental structure.
A. Guatemala
B. Chile
C. Mexico
D. Paraguay
13. Which of the following statements about Southern South America is true?
A. Paraguay is the smallest country of the subregion.
B. Influence of Roman Catholicism has sharply declined in Argentina.
C. Uruguay has the lowest level of urbanization of any mainland Latin American coun
D. The Argentine economy was devastated by the end of 2001 due to multiple factors.
14. In Brazil, the indigenous population was around 3.5 million before the arrival of Europeans. Today, the
indigenous population is around
A. 200,000.
B. 1.5 million.
C. 2 million.
D. 500,000.
15. To avoid risks associated with tornadoes, lightning, and hurricanes, in the United States you should
steer clear of
A. Pennsylvania.
B. Nevada.
C. Florida.
D. Minnesota.
16. For geographers, the movement of higher-income residents and businesses into poor areas of inner
cities is generally referred to as
A. gentrification.
B. urban revitalization.
C. restoration.
D. urban development.
17. Which of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces has jurisdiction over mainly inhabited Labrador?
A. New Brunswick
B. Nova Scotia
C. Newfoundland
D. Prince Edward Island
18. On Caribbean islands with mountains, the windward slopes facing the trade winds force air upward,
causing rainfall. As a result, areas immediately to the leeward of the mountains have a microclimate with
sparse precipitation called a/an
A. slope shadow.
B. rain shadow.
D. drought shadow.
19. In the United States, as of2009, which of the following was the la gest and fastest-growing immigrant
A. Asians
B. Eastern Europeans and Russians
C. Hispanics
D. Western Europeans
20. In the post-industrial era, an edge city is a/an
A. urbanized development that is an extension of a megalopolis.
B. complex of warehouses, shopping malls, and offices located along traffic routes.
C. large suburban development mainly occupied by commuters.
D. merger of several residential suburbs into one entity.

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