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Question 1

1 / 1 pts

Why are the teeth of children particularly helpful in providing information about extinct hominids?

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✔ Clues to growth rate of children 

Question 2

1 / 1 pts

Which of the lobes of the brain was the same size in Neanderthals as in Homo sapiens?

✔ Frontal 

Question 3

1 / 1 pts

How did H. neanderthalensis compare to H. sapiens?

✔ All of the above

Question 4

1 / 1 pts

When did Neanderthals vanish from the fossil record?

✔ 25,000 years ago!

Question 5

1 / 1 pts

Skulls of Homo sapiens start to appear in the fossil record approximately

✔ 200,000 years ago  

Question 6

0 / 1 pts

What species of Homo was replaced in Europe by Homo sapiens?

✔ Homo heidelbergensis 

Question 7

1 / 1 pts

What evidence could provide support for the assimilation/interbreeding hypothesis?

✔ Neanderthal genes in our DNA  

Question 8

1 / 1 pts

The 1st evidence of decorative/symbolic art has been found at levels that date to ____ years ago.

✔ 75,000Correct!

Question 9

1 / 1 pts

When the forests and savannahs of Africa became no longer habitable, where did human ancestors have to seek refuge?

✔ Coasts and highlands  

Question 10

1 / 1 pts

Approximately how many species of human ancestors have there been since the divergence from apes?

✔ At least 20 

Question 11

1 / 1 pts

How many millions of years ago did humans diverge from apes?

✔ 6 

Question 12

1 / 1 pts

When did Homo erectus first appear on the African plains?

✔ 2 million years 

Question 13

1 / 1 pts

Which ancestor pioneered what it means to be “human”?

✔ Homo erectus 

Question 14

1 / 1 pts

Who was the first group who had bodies like ours, lived in social groups, and cared for each other?

✔ Home erectus 

Question 15

1 / 1 pts

True of False: Members of Homo sapiens are more closely related to H. erectus than H. neanderthalensis.

✔ False 

Question 16

1 / 1 pts

What was the likely diet of Neanderthal?

✔Mostly meat with some berries, fruits, and rootsect 

Question 17

1 / 1 pts

Which of the following is not characteristic of at least some populations of Homo erectus?

✔ Symbolic thought

Question 18

0 / 1 pts

True or False: When Darwin published On the Origin of the Species in 1859, we had not yet discovered any fossils of human ancestors.

✔ True

Question 19

1 / 1 pts

Which of these would you be most likely to find in the diet of a Neanderthal?

✔ Reindeer

Question 20

1 / 1 pts

What species of Homo first migrated into and populated the Middle East?

✔Home Erectus

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