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NSG5003 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 2 Knowledge Check

Question 1 The immune response is characterized by the activation of which two types of immunocytes?

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Question 1 options:

A) T cells and cytokin

B) B cells and T cells

C) IgG and IgE

D) Neutrophils and macrophages

Question 2 The chief functions of antibodies are to protect the host by which of following mechanisms?

Question 2 options:

A) Blocking phagocytosis

B) Neutralizing bacterial toxins

C) Inactivating the inflammatory process

D) Absorbing antigens

Question 3 (1 point)

What is the term used to describe phagocyte function that causes them to stick to capillary and venule walls

Question 3 options:

A) Diapedesis

B) Phagocytosis

C) Exudation

D) Margination

Allergens are antigens that cause allergic responses, true or false?

Question 4 options:



Here are four types of hypersensitivity disorders. Which of the following is the most common and characterized by an immediate reaction?

Question 5 options:

A) Type I

B) Type II

C) Type II

D) Type IV

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