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Does the Source MAC address match your PC’s interface?

Does the Destination MAC address in Wireshark match your team member’s MAC address?

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How is the MAC address of the pinged PC obtained by your PC?

My PC sends out a packet requesting a reply from the pinged PC. If the PC replies, it identifies its MAC address.

Note: In the preceding example of a captured ICMP request, ICMP data is encapsulated inside an IPv4 packet PDU (IPv4 header) which is then encapsulated in an Ethernet II frame PDU (Ethernet II header) for transmission on the LAN.

Part 2:Capture and Analyze Remote ICMP Data in Wireshark

In Part 2, you will ping remote hosts (hosts not on the LAN) and examine the generated data from those pings. You will then determine what is different about this data from the data examined in Part 1.Step 1:Start capturing data on the interface.a.Click the Interface Listicon to bring up the list PC interfaces again.© 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public.Page 7of 16

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