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PHI 103 Week 3 – Quiz

Week 3 – Quiz

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Question 1 A claim is falsifiable if __________.

Question 2 This is the term that one uses to describe a sample that aligns well with the larger group one is studying.

Question 3 Inductive arguments are evaluated in terms of __________.

Question 4 Inductive arguments should never be characterized as __________.

Question 5 What type of inductive argument is the following example?  
Most people I have talked to said that they are voting for Jones. So most people are going to vote for Jones.

Question 6 According to one of Mill’s methods, if there is only one factor that is present in a case in which the effect is seen and absent in cases in which it is not seen then that factor may be causally related to the effect in question. Which of Mill’s methods does this describe?

Question 7 Inductive arguments are preferable in some instances because they __________.

Question 8 Inference to the best explanation can also be called __________.

Question 9 Deductive arguments have this weakness when compared to inductive arguments.

Question 10 Which of the following is an example of an inverse correlation?

Question 11 

What is the word for an argument that is inductively strong and has all true premises?

Question 12 Which of the following is necessary in order for an explanation to be adequate?

Question 13 What does it mean for an argument to be cogent?

Question 14 Good explanations often can explain other phenomena. The name for this is __________.

Question 15 One way to make an inductive argument stronger is to __________.

Question 16 Which of the following is a necessary condition for survival?

Question 17 One way to make an inductive argument weaker is to __________.

Question 18 Inductive arguments aim for this type of connection between their premises and conclusions.

Question 19 This form of argument is an inductive form that reasons from the general to the specific.

Question 20 What is a hypothesis?

A common misconception about inductive arguments is that they

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