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1.     According to Rachels, the “conventional doctrine” maintains that:
2.     The Ring of Gyges gave the shepherd who found it
3.     If Glaukon is correct, then justice
4.     What, according to Tom Regan, is the contractarian approach to ethics?
5.     Aristotle claims that the function of human life is:
6.     What does Singer say about other philosophers’ attempts to argue that only humans have moral worth?
7.     Gilligan claims that females tend to see relationships as these
8.     Kant argues that we should never use people as a means:
9.     What does Noddings say about male versus female language when opposing war?

10.In the video “What Is Just War Theory?” Michael Walzer argues it is important to read the essays and memoir literature of soldiers because

11.What does Peter Singer say about the history of liberation movements? 

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12.According to Rachels, active euthanasia is currently:

13.According to Midgely, moral isolationism leads to

14.Michael Walzer argues that there is a radical distinction between war and civil life because 

15.Which of the following does not happen to pigs on today’s factory farms in the “Meet Your Meat” video?

16.Aristotle describes each virtue as:

17.Robinson describes magnanimity as the mean between the extremes of:

18.In the video “What is Just War Theory?” Michael Walzer states that a core idea of Just War Theory

19.Peter Singer’s “basic principles of equality” applied to animals means:

20.What does Nel Noddings say about rates of violent crime among men and women?

21.Hill uses this technique in the middle of the article to examine ideas about the human’s place within nature:

22.According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that:

23.According to Tom Regan, what is fundamentally wrong with our current system?

24.Nagel’s argument that hostility or aggression should be  directed at its true object means that which of the following would  probably not be permissible?

25.Which one of these is not a way of expressing Kant’s Categorical Imperative?

26.This is the name for prostitutes in India who have been dedicated to a female goddess

27.What is Peter Singer’s point about performing vivisection on mentally disabled human infants?

28.Which of the following would be an idea shared both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) from the clip of The Emperor’s Club, and by either MacIntyre or Aristotle (or both)?

29.What does Tom Regan say is the source of inherent value in an individual?

30.What is speciesism?

31.Which of the following are questions in the Bechdel test?

32.What is palliative care?

33.Leon Kass argues that the primary responsibility of physicians is to:

34.In the video “Drones Are Not Ethical and Effective,” Jeremy Waldron argues that drones are not ethical because their use involves

35.According to Thomas Hill’s account of environmental ethics, a person might show a lack of virtue when they:

36.Glaukon begins by claiming that “those who practice justice” do so

37.In the article “War and Massacre,” Thomas Nagel argues that moral absolutism

38.Which of the following would be an expression of rule utilitarianism, rather than act utilitarianism?

39.What moral theory does Jeremy Bentham (with whom Singer seems to agree) endorse?

40.Rachels argues that the conventional doctrine:

41.In Gilligan’s article, the example of Heinz involves which crime

42.What happens to the offspring of dairy cows, according to the video “Meet Your Meat”?

43.In the Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals we find that to act on ‘duty’ is

44.The conventional doctrine is endorsed by:

45.If Midgley is correct, moral scepticism

46.Which of the following does not describe how egg-laying hens are treated in factory farms?

47.According to Nagel, to which of the following groups of people is hostility most appropriately aimed?

48.According to Colin Stokes, in this film all the heroic, wise, and villainous characters are female.

49.Which of the following does not happen in the “Meet Your Meat” to animals with diseases or injuries on modern factory farms:

50.Robinson describes integrity as a virtue that has the

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