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Question 1

0 out of 6.667 points

According to the text, the most important customer benefit that the internet can provide is the capability for ________.

Question 2

6.667 out of 6.667 points

The phenomenon that some people may actually pay a higher price for auctioned products than they would pay an online retailer is known as ________.

Question 3

6.667 out of 6.667 points

Software viruses that do not replicate, but can damage the computer by opening doors for hackers to enter the computer are known as a ________.

Question 4

6.667 out of 6.667 points

________ suggests that 80% of a firm’s business typically comes from the top 20% of customers.

Question 5

0 out of 6.667 points

The term “product” may include such items as the following except ________.

Question 6

6.667 out of 6.667 points

A trademark can be ________.

Question 7

6.667 out of 6.667 points

A domain name, or URL, is likely to be made up of ________.


Question 8

6.662 out of 6.662 points

The internet is a great information equalizer, which means less competition, less product imitation, and somewhat longer product life cycles.

Question 9

6.667 out of 6.667 points

All of the following are attributes of a good brand name except ________.

Question 10

6.667 out of 6.667 points

Which of the following attributes of the internet puts upward pressure on prices?

Question 11

6.667 out of 6.667 points

When purchasing a domain name in the United States companies must try to find and reserve an available second-level domain name, which itself must be followed by a “.com.”

Question 12

6.667 out of 6.667 points

With value segment pricing the seller recognizes that not all customers provide equal value to the firm.

Question 13

6.667 out of 6.667 points

Good names for a new internet brand should do all of the following except ________.

Question 14

6.667 out of 6.667 points

________ refers to the idea that both buyers and sellers can view all competitive prices for items sold online.

Question 15

6.667 out of 6.667 points

In general, marketers can employ which of the following types of pricing strategies both online and offline ________.

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