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Module 451.

Prejudiceis best defined as

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A.the tendency to favor members of one’s own group. unjustifiable attitude toward a group and its members.

C.a perceived incompatibility of actions or goals.

D.the belief that victims of misfortune deserve their fate.

2.Overgeneralized beliefs about a group of people that often underlie prejudicial emotions are called

A.superordinate goals.

B.situational attributions.

C.stereotypes. norms.

3.Which of the following describes a stereotype?

A.Vladimir is especially attracted to Latin-American women.

B.Peter feels very uncomfortable interacting with Blacks.

C.Robin is convinced that university professors are usually impractical and forgetful.

D.Cyril never hires people younger than 16 to work in his restaurant.

4.Unjustifiable and negative behavior toward a group and its members is called



C.discrimination. polarization.

5.Prejudice is a(n) ________; discrimination is a(n) ________.

A.dispositional attribution; situational attribution

B.ingroup bias; outgroup bias

C.normative influence; informational influence

D.attitude; behavior

6.On the basis of what Americans say, in the last half-century

A.gender prejudice has decreased and racial prejudice has increased.

B.gender prejudice has increased and racial prejudice has decreased.

C.gender prejudice has decreased and racial prejudice has decreased.

D.gender prejudice has increased and racial prejudice has increased.

7.Studies of implicit prejudice indicate that prejudice is often

A.triggered by deindividuation.

B.a response to frustration.



8.Prejudice can be not only subtle but also automatic and unconscious. This is best illustrated instudies of


B.implicit associations. polarization.

D.mirror-image perceptions.

9.At a conscious level, Aaron doesn’t think he’s prejudiced. Yet he automatically feels uncomfortablein situations where he has to interact with people of different races from his own.

A.aron’sexperience best illustrates the distinction betweenA.equity and self-disclosure.

B.situational and dispositional attributions.

C.explicit and implicit attitudes.

D.normative and informational social influence.

10.In one experiment, White respondents typically took longer to identify words such as peaceandparadiseas “good” when the words were associated with Black-sounding names rather thanWhite-sounding names. This best illustrated

A.the mere exposure effect.

B.the other-race effect.

C.mirror-image perceptions.

D.implicit prejudice.

11.Priming people with a flashed Black face rather than a flashed White face makes them more likelyto misperceive a flashed tool as a gun. This best illustrates the subtle character of

A.ingroup bias.

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