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Question 1

Slums often emerge near scavenging sites such as dumps and recycling centers. Which of the following statements about scavenging sites is true?

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Question 2

Government policy toward slums in cities such as Lagos and Rio de Janeiro could BEST be described as:

Question 3

For people in developing countries, which of the following is an economic advantage cities have over rural areas?

Question 4

Slums have emerged across developing nations for which of the following reasons? Choose the BEST answer.

Question 5

Which of the following groups of people are less likely to be residents of a slum?

Question 6

From an educational perspective, which of the following is a commonÑand majorÑproblem in schools in developing nations?

Question 7

Which three geographic regions of the world have the highest literacy rates?

Question 8

Countries with low literacy rates are more likely to have which of the following?

Question 9

Which of the following provides the BEST explanation for why secondary school (high school) is so rarely free in developing nations?

Question 10

Some education reformers argue that efforts should be focused on increasing demand for education. Which of the following lines of reasoning do they use to make their point?

Question 11

Why have economists generally supported subsidies for health care?

Question 12

What is the “health trap”?

Question 13

In the view of “health trap” supporters such as Jeffrey Sachs and Bill Gates, what is the best way to beat back diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries?

Question 14

What common issue in developing nations is directly responsible for the outbreak of infectious diseases such as cholera?

Question 15

Which of the following is an example of a government-imposed safety measure that people in the developed world have come to take for granted?

Question 16

Which of the following is a common criticism of modern development?

Question 17

In the view of anti-aid advocates such as Dambisa Moyo, historically, what has been the effect of aid on developing countries? Choose the BEST answer.”

Question 18

Why is the relationship between an NGO and its beneficiaries different than the relationship between a business (or a democratic government) and its beneficiaries?

Question 19

In the face of development-related climate change concerns, what defense of development do supporters in growing developing countries make? Choose the BEST answer.”

Correct Climate change is mostly the fault of developed countries, and developing countries have the right to grow their economies.”

Question 20

In the view of aid opponents such as Dambisa Moyo, the problem with aid is that it enables political leaders in developing countries to “abdicate their responsibility.” Which of the following statements BEST expresses this view? ”

Question 21

Which of the following statements BEST describes the risk that developing countries must take in order to become developed?

Question 22

All of the following factors have helped transform countries from developing nations to developed ones. Which of the following is an “intangible” that has contributed to this transformation?

Question 23

What is Rwanda’s strategy for increasing its GDP and accelerating its development?

Question 24

Chile is one of the most recent nations to go from developing to developed country status. Which of the following statements about Chile’s economic progress is true?

Question 25

Which theory of development does Chile’s success seem to endorse? Choose the BEST answer.

Question 26

Which of the following statements regarding progress toward MDG 3 (the empowerment of women) is true?

Question 27

What are the Millennium Development Goals?

Question 28

How has the United Nations Development Programme’s milk production program in India helped empower rural Indian women?

Question 29

Which of the following statements about MDG 3Ñreducing gender inequalityÑis true?


Question 30

The final say on Millennium Development Goals success rests with whom?

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