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• Question 1

What is meant by the criticism that development is an attempt to “force the poor countries of the world…into a ‘single cultural model'”? Choose the BEST answer.

• Question 2

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What was the goal of the Bretton Woods conference in 1944?

• Question 3

Why is Anthony’s job so desirable?

• Question 4

Which of the following BEST explains what is meant by the statement “development is often much bigger than just material progress”?

• Question 5

What does the term Global South refer to?

• Question 6

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What does it mean if a country has a “fixed” exchange rate?

• Question 7

Which of the following statements about Barbados’s economic crisis is true?

• Question 8

In which of the following ways does the World Bank facilitate development?

• Question 9

According to Joseph Stiglitz, the former chief economist of the World Bank, what is the choice poor countries currently face?

• Question 10

What was the purpose of the speech given by US Secretary of the Treasury James A. Baker in 1985?

• Question 11

How do countries “lose twice over” from civil war?

• Question 12

According to the report, most deaths during civil war are due to:

• Question 13

How long has war in Somalia been going on for?

• Question 14

What is the difference between intrastate conflict and traditional war?

• Question 15

Which of the following statements about health care and war is true? Choose the BEST answer.

• Question 16

How did Mugabe ensure loyalty to his rule after Zimbabwe’s independence?

• Question 17

In a state that is practically ruled by a paramilitary group, the paramilitary group will do which of the following?

• Question 18

Which of the following is true about Colombia?

• Question 19

When a nation is ruled by one large party, there is a tendency to see which of the following outcomes?

• Question 20

Which of the following was an outcome of the currency reform in North Korea?

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