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• Question 1

Which of the following statements BEST expresses the beliefs of modernization theory?

• Question 2

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Which of the following statements BEST expresses the beliefs of social-conflict theory?

• Question 3

What is meant by the term “income distribution”?

• Question 4

Which of these numbers is the best approximation of how many people live on $1.25 a day or less?

• Question 5

The World Bank ranks countries in 3-4 broad bands, from least developed to most developed, according to which of the following criteria?

• Question 6

In order to receive International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance, what must member-countries typically do?

• Question 7

Which of the following describes “dependency theory”?

• Question 8

Why would a nation choose to take on debt?

• Question 9

What does it mean if a country has a “fixed” exchange rate?

• Question 10

Countries that take on IMF loans typically use the money to do which of the following?

• Question 11

Which of the following factors is LEAST likely to increase chances of civil war in a developing country?

• Question 12

Which of the following BEST predicts that a country will have a civil war?

• Question 13

Which of the following is a reason why it is relatively easy for a rebellion to form against governments in poor countries? Choose the BEST answer.

• Question 14

By definition, natural resources come from the land, and therefore must be harvested, mined, drilled for, or extracted. This can increase the likelihood of civil war for which of the following reasons?

• Question 15

Which of the following BEST explains why conflict is sometimes characterized as a trap?

• Question 16

Which of the following was the result of extractive institutions in Sierra Leone?

• Question 17

Which of the following is a sign that a country has weak institutions? Choose the BEST answer.

• Question 18

Which of the following increases the likelihood that a country will suffer from weak institutions?

• Question 19

In the eyes of reformers, the best way to transform extractive institutions is to make them more:

• Question 20

From an economic standpoint, extractive institutions damage countries in which of the following ways? Choose the BEST answer.

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