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Question 1

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The development of regional marketing plans was the result of:

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cutbacks in advertising budgets.
reductions in interstate business barriers.
decentralization of corporate decision making.
recognition of geographic differences in product preferences.
the influence of international marketers.
Question 2

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Barriers to entry are:

security devices such as firewalls used by computer networks.
business practices or conditions that make it difficult for new firms to enter a market
a set of security devices used primarily in automobiles
“smart” security devices designed for office buildings.
a set of rules and procedures that existing firms in an industry present to news firms in the industry.
Question 3

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The Census Bureau has developed a classification system to describe the varying locations of the population. Using this classification system, an area which is urban contains 70,000 people, and is adjacent to a territory that has a high degree of social and economic integration would be classified as a:

micropolitan statistical area
secondary marketing statistical area
metropolitan statistical area.
micropolitan division
urbanized the statistical area

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