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• Question 1
  One reason women’s health centers were created is:
• Question 2
  The demand for home health care services is likely to decrease in the future.

• Question 3
  The proliferation of health care delivery through managed care created a decreased demand for primary care physicians.
• Question 4 
  Which of the following is a reason for the growth in outpatient services?
• Question 5 
  Compared to tertiary care, primary care services are more complex and specialized.

• Question 6
  Which of the following is an example of a secondary care service?
• Question 7
  The most prominent reason for the decline in the number of procedures performed in hospitals is:

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• Question 8
  There is little distinction between the terms “outpatient” and “ambulatory.”

• Question 9
  Men report more chronic illness than women.

• Question 10
  Fill in the blank: Historically, inpatient care developed ________ outpatient care.
• Question 11
  Countries whose health systems are oriented more toward primary care achieve:
• Question 12
  What is gatekeeping?
• Question 13
  Outpatient care accounts for what percent of gross patient revenue for all US hospitals?
• Question 14
  Hospice services are primarily for people with:
• Question 15
  Emergency departments, in most cases, are equipped to provide:
• Question 16
  What does “PPS” stand for?

• Question 17
  Fill in the blank: The percentage of medical school graduates choosing careers in primary care is ______________.
• Question 18
  Community health centers serve primarily:

• Question 19
  Primary care may play an important role in mitigating the adverse health effects of income inequality.


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