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Lateral gene transfer between individuals of a species
occurs only with plasmid DNA.

occurs by sexual reproduction in bacteria.

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always involves recombination.

can result in bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics.

does not occur in bacteria.

In many animals, including humans, sex is determined by a single _______, orby a pair of them. Both males and females have two copies of each of the rest of the chromosomes, which are called _______.
gene; sex chromosomes

allele; genes

gene; autosomes

sex chromosome; autosomes

autosome; sex chromosomes

_______ is the term for when heterozygous offspring have superior fitness than their homozygous parents.
Incomplete dominance





What fraction of the offspring of the cross AaBb× AaBbwould show the dominant phenotypes for both genes?
The fact that a trait such as height in humans varies over a wide range of values is due to
discrete and qualitative genomic variation.


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