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• Question 1 Most Americans die:

• Question 2 A Medical Power of Attorney authorizes an agent to make all decisions (healthcare and financial) for a person regardless of whether or not they are incapacitated.

• Question 3 The author of “Life Support Interventions at the End of Life” states that when body organs are failing, providing fluids through a peripheral vein can cause:

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• Question 4 A nurse was caring for a patient who died of a chronic illness. The family had been present with the patient constantly during the previous week, experiencing the dying process. The family was present when the patient stopped breathing, and had a very emotional reaction as if they were in a state of disbelief. The nurse interprets this behavior to be:

• Question 5 Medical Power of Attorney must always be a close relative of the patient.

• Question 6 According to the article “Life Support Interventions at the End of Life”, what percent of terminally ill patients survive CPR and leave the hospital?

• Question 7 Generally, the Western view of death is that it:

• Question 8 According to the article, “ Stopping Eating and Drinking”, which of the following clinical practices associated with hastening dying is implicated in as many as 84% of U.S. Hospital deaths?

• Question 9 According to the article “End of Life Care of Older Adults”, the authors identified obstacles to end-of-life care in nursing homes.

Choose all correct answers.

• Question 10 The family of a 78-year-old patient who is dying of colon cancer with metastases to the liver is concerned because he refuses to eat or drink. He is alert and oriented, and states that he has no desire to eat. What should the nurse do?

• Question 11 Which of these is the definition of palliative care according to the World Health Organization?

• Question 12 Patients with dementia tend to express their perception of pain by becoming:

• Question 13 A spiritual assessment is important for gravely ill or dying patients because:

• Question 14 Most people say they want to die:

• Question 15 The goals of palliative care include: (Select all that apply.)

• Question 16 According to the article “End of Life Care in Older Adults”, because aging alters the metabolism and elimination of drugs, older adults receiving opiods for pain should be given what percentage of the starting dose?

• Question 17 Most older adults are preoccupied with thinking about death

• Question 18 According to the TNEEL Grief article, which one of these is NOT a true statement about the purpose of grief?

• Question 19 The focus of a hospice is curing the disease which is causing the terminal condition.

• Question 20 Which of these best describes elderly patients’ tendencies regarding pain?

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