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• Question 1

Which type of reliability is the consistency of measurement of two or more raters?

• Question 2

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According to Makic et al (2014) what is the best way to confirm placement of a feeding tube when radiography is not available in a pediatric population?

• Question 3

According to Peterson et al (2014), in AACN’s 2012 rating scale level system, grouping together A, B, and C levels of evidence would result in

• Question 4

In this example of a PICO question: “In elderly hospitalized patients, what is the effect of hourly nursing rounds on reducing falls compared with bedside call lights and low bed positioning?” Bedside call lights and low bed positioning represent what element of the PICO format?

• Question 5

A power analysis is conducted to

• Question 6

Which of the following will increase the generalizability of a study?

• Question 7

One of the 2020 goals of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) is that ________ of all clinical decisions be evidence-based.

• Question 8

A researcher notes that although no mathematical significance was found, some elderly nursing home residents with dementia who were exposed to soothing music for 6 hours daily exhibited lower heart rates and less agitation. This finding would have which type of significance?

• Question 9

You are examining results comparing three degrees in nursing and commitment to the profession. The alpha level set prior to the study was p< 0.05. Which of the following decisions concerning scores on the "Commitment to the Nursing Profession" instrument is correct, based on the probability level of .03 that was obtained when the data were analyzed? • Question 10 Which of the following types of studies would require the largest sample size? • Question 11 The level of significance usually set in nursing studies is at either: • Question 12 According to Groves, Gray and Burns (2015), which one of the following are considered barriers to evidence-based practice? • Question 13 According to Makic et al (2014), which one of these is NOT an intervention suggested for critically ill patients and frequent turning and the prevention of skin breakdown? • Question 14 Open-ended questions provide primarily ________ data. • Question 15 According to Melnyk et al (2012), what specifically is the role of the EBP mentor? • Question 16 Validity is defined as the case in which an instrument / tool / measure • Question 17 According to Makic et al (2014), which of these is NOT a role of the nurse in the prevention of venothromboembolism (VTE)? • Question 18 Cronbach’s alpha is used in tool development to determine: • Question 19 Identify the type of sampling method used in the following example: To obtain mothers of children with cystic fibrosis, a researcher contacted one such mother who lived in her neighborhood and asked her if she knew any other mothers of children with cystic fibrosis. • Question 20 Descriptive statistics should be reported in every study for which of the following reasons? • Question 21 A sample of 75 subjects was asked to participate in a study at an immunization booth in the mall. What type of sampling method is this? • Question 22 What statistical test would you use to determine a relationship between hours worked by nurses in a week and medication errors? • Question 23 Which of the following measures of central tendency would be appropriate to describe the average pulse rates of a group of hospitalized patients? • Question 24 According to Peterson et al (2014), what type of evidence is considered to be the strongest? • Question 25 In the Iowa Model of Evidence Based Practice, if a nurse brings forward a new research article with ideas that she/he would like to consider implementing on the unit, this would be considered to be:

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