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In Week Five of this course, you will submit a four- to five-page Literary Analysis in response to one of the topics from the approved List of Writing Prompts. This week, you will choose the topic you would like to explore, offer some information on what interests you about this topic, and supply a working thesis and key ideas you would like to develop. Though it might seem early to choose your topic, with only five weeks in the course, it is important to start early to best set yourself up for success.

After reviewing the list of prompts, choose one that you would like to explore. In addition, you should choose a literary work to discuss that relates to your topic of choice. The suggested literary works for each topic are listed beneath each prompt.

Once you have decided on a prompt and text, respond to the directives below using the Proposal for Final Paper Worksheet. Please make sure your document is double spaced. See the Sample Proposal for guidance.

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Proposal for final paper—Week 1

Once you have decided on an approved prompt and approved text(s), respond to the questions below. Please be mindful of the word count and double-space all of your responses.  You are to meet the minimum word requirement without going over the maximum number of words requested.

What is your chosen prompt for the literary analysis assignment?

(Use the space below to complete this section. Include the number and first sentence  of the prompt you chose from the list of prompts.)

What interests you most about this prompt and why?

(Use the space below to complete this section. Your response must be 100 to 150 words.)

What text(s) will you write about? Why?

(Use the space below to complete this section. Your response must be 100 to 150 words.)

What is your working thesis? Keep in mind that “working thesis” means you can slightly modify your thesis for the draft and/or final essay.

(Use the space below to complete this section. Your thesis statement must be ONLY one to two sentences long.)

What are three key ideas that you will discuss in support of your thesis?  (Write one — and only one — sentence for each point.

What questions/concerns do you have at this point about your project?

(Use the space below to complete this section. Your response must be 75 to 150 words long.)

Below is what you need to refrence when answering and filling in the questions above

Setting is an important component of any story. Consider the role that setting has in one of the works. How is this particular setting integral to the story? Does the protagonist conflict with the setting or have particular interactions with it? How does the protagonist’s relationship with the setting connect with his/her development as a character?

Literary Works (choose one from any of the lists below. If you choose to write about poetry, you may choose up to two poems from the Poems list):


  • “Greasy Lake” (Boyle, 1985)
  • “The Blue Hotel” (Crane, 1898)
  • “The Things They Carried” (O’Brien, 1990) – 5.4 inJourney into Literature
  • “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” (LeGuin, 1973)


  • “The Raven” (Poe, 1845) – 9.7 inJourney into Literature
  • “A Point West of Mount San Bernadino” (Delgado, 2013)
  • “To Live in the Borderlands Means You” (Anzaldúa, 1987)
  • “Smokey the Bear Sutra” (Snyder, 1969)


  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream(Shakespeare, 1590)
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